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School/College Pest Control Services

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Hire Pest Control Services for Schools and Colleges at Your Best Price

Pests invade our personal space; be it our home, workplace, schools, or colleges. These pests create a nuisance and spread several diseases. They also reproduce exponentially to carry forward their festering activities. Pests are tiny creatures that can inflict drastic wreckage on the life and property of people. Some of the common pests are cockroaches, rats, mice, termites, spiders, mosquitoes, houseflies, bees, silverfish, lizards, etc. Several species of pests are prevalent in schools and colleges. The desks, benches, chairs, and tables are susceptible to wood borer and termite infestations. The books in the library are prone to silverfish infestation. Even rats, cockroaches, houseflies, and mosquitoes are present in the school and college premises if sanitation is not maintained well.

Some preventive measures should be imposed to keep the pests away from schools and colleges. The washrooms should be cleaned at regular intervals and the floors should be disinfected. The classrooms should be sprayed with mosquito repellents. The countertop and tables of the canteen should be cleaned. Meals and snacks inside the canteen counter should be covered so that the flies and cockroaches cannot contaminate them. The school/college authorities should conduct pest control services every 3 months to eradicate the pests from the premises. Some of the common pest control methods adopted in schools and colleges are:

  • Sterilization
  • Physical pest control
  • Fumigation
  • Inducing poisonous baits
  • Insulation

You need professional pest management companies to carry out these pest control methods in schools and colleges. Service Bazaar can help you locate the most efficient pest control services near your area to keep schools and colleges safe from pests.

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Service Bazaar is an effectual online portal that connects our clients to the service providers who are our vendors. We are located in all the prominent cities of India and you can book us from any corner of the nation. We provide prompt solutions to your requirements at the most affordable rates. Service Bazaar checks the credentials of the vendors before assigning them to our portal. When you enquire about the school/college pest control services, we send you the verified details of the 3 best pest control companies in your vicinity. You can compare their charges to find the most affordable option and save up to 30%.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the school/college pest control chemicals safe for the children?

Yes, the chemicals used in school/ college pest control services are eco-friendly. They do not cause harm to the children.

Do the schools/colleges conduct pest control during academic hours?

No, whenever a pest control service takes place in a school/ college, a notice is put up beforehand. Most of the time, the activity takes place on Fridays after academic hours. This way, there is a 48 hours window before the children come back to the school/ college on Mondays.

Which areas of the schools/colleges are more prone to pest infestations?

Some of the most common places in schools/colleges that are prone to pest infestations are:

  • Classrooms
  • Cafeterias
  • Lockers
  • Gyms, locker rooms, and bath areas
  • Areas that have uncovered or nearby sewage lines.

At what intervals should we conduct school/college pest services?

You should conduct school/college pest control services every 3 months.