How To Prepare for Home Pest Control Treatment?

You can book pest control services in India to get rid of nasty pests and insects like rodents, flies, roaches, termites, mosquitoes, lizards, ants, and more. 

But, the one thing that most homeowners don’t know is that home pest control treatment requires collaboration between the pest control company and homeowners. Yes, without your involvement, pest control technicians cannot help you to get rid of pests completely.

Merely calling for professional pest control services is not enough to end up pest problems in your home. You will have to put effort to prepare your home for pest control treatment.

However, before preparing your house for pest management treatment, finalize a reliable pest control service provider near you.

Use a reliable online portal to book credible and experienced pest management companies near you. The portals provide you with a list of companies that are certified and verified. According to your pest control requirements or the company’s specialization, choose the most appropriate exterminator for the home pest control treatment.

After the selection of the best residential pest control services in your locality, prepare your home for pest management treatment.

Is it Necessary to Prepare Your House for Pest Control Treatment?

Pest control companies protect your home against pest infestation and remove existing pests from your house. However, pest control services do not cover the preparation of your home for treatment. This includes storing your food, arranging furniture, and clothing, and removing other obstructions from the infected area. Nevertheless, a reliable pest control company will advise you on how to prepare the house for pest control treatment.

This purpose is to ensure the treatment goes smoothly without a hitch. This way, the exterminators will not face any obstructions during the treatment. Also, this ensures no area is missed or overlooked by the experts. Otherwise, it will increase the chances of re-infestation.

What to Do Before and After Pest Control?

Whether you have opted for rodent control or general pest control services, it’s important to do it regularly to have no pests around you at home. And, if you are preparing for the first time for home pest control services then there are a few things that you need to do both before and after the treatment.

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Let’s see the things you are required to do before and after pest control.

Things to Do Before Home Pest Control Treatment

Clean up

Cleaning up things does not only refer to washing and scrubbing the floors. But, you will have to make the area easily accessible for the exterminators to kill and remove pests from your living space. Regardless of the type of pest infestation, prepare your home for pest management treatment with the first step of cleaning.

  • Ensure the infested area is easily accessible for pest control specialists.
  • Remove everything where the pests can hide.
  • Remove all the food sources that can attract pests
  • Move everything that can come in the way of pest control treatment like dirty dishes, laundry, and furniture.

Move Furniture

Furniture could be a barrier for exterminators while removing pests from your home. This is because pests will find adequate spaces to hide. This will slow down the process of pest control or it will give effective results of complete pest evacuation. Removing furniture pieces will provide easy access to the pest control technicians to reach the areas where pests could be hidden like beneath furniture.

With this, exterminators can also apply the chemicals over the places which are hard to reach or left untreated. This may result in re-infestation.

Store Food Items Away

Your kitchen will be sprayed with chemicals and pesticides hence, clear out all the foods from the kitchen countertop to prevent contamination. Store the food away from the kitchen safely packed in plastic.

Move Your Pets

No matter what type of chemicals and sprays the exterminators are going to use, pests are sensitive to chemicals. Hence, it’s important to shift your pets to another place temporarily before the technicians’ arrival. And don’t forget to take care of their belongings. Take their bedding, toys, and cage along with them to the place where you are taking to them. meanwhile, if you have an aquarium, cover it with first a towel and then wrap it with plastic. But ensure the fish have enough food and oxygen.

Before moving your pets, get them examined by vets or pest control technicians. They will look for any fleas and ticks on pets’ bodies so that you can ensure you are getting rid of all kinds of pests. Do not forget that your pets are also a source of pests. Hence, take care of them.

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Leave the Premises

Almost every pest control technician will ask you to leave the house before the treatment. This is done because of your safety. Pest management process can take approx. 3-4 hours, if the complete house is infested with pests. So, it is advised to leave the property until the professionals suggest you go inside. And if you have babies, old-age persons or someone is pregnant, they can have some irritations or allergies issues. Thus, vacate the premises and come after the completion of the treatment.

How to Prepare Your Home Room by Room for Pest Control Services?

As we have seen the general idea of how to prepare your house for pest control services. Now, let’s see it in a more specific way considering every room of your house. If you have hired a professional pest management company for complete residential pest control solutions then follow the steps given below to prepare your home.

Living Room

  • We don’t have much stuff in our living room or drawing room but furniture pieces. So, shift the furniture if possible. Or, you can also put them in your garden for sun exposure.
  • Cover the exclusive paintings with plastic, otherwise, they might get affected by liquid sprays.
  • If you have indoor plants then keep them in your garden or balcony. The harsh chemicals may damage your plants.


  • Discard all the leftover foods and clear out the dustbin as well.
  • Unplug your fridge and finish off perishables or discard the leftovers.
  • Clear out your kitchen countertop and store your utensils, cutlery, cups, etc. But, do not store it in your kitchen cabinets as you always do. Because exterminators will spray pesticides there too as it attracts the maximum pests
  • Move all your kitchen appliances, if possible. If not, then unplug and cover them with plastic. If you are leaving them on the countertop only then ensure they can be easily moved during the treatment.
  • Cover your water filter with plastic or just keep it in another room.
  • Your kitchen sink will be sprayed by exterminators so no need to cover it.


  • Empty the bathroom completely.
  • Keep your toothbrush, shampoo, soaps, and other items packed in plastic.


  • Keep the clothes in your cupboard and lock the doors. Also, seal the cupboard gaps with plastic tapes as the sprays can go inside those gaps. Do not use masking tape as the paper might absorb the chemicals sprays.
  • Pack your clothes in plastic and keep them away from the treatment area.
  • Remove your beddings and wrap them in plastic.
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This is how you are going to prepare your home for pest control services. Afterward, exterminators will spray the chemicals in the infected areas. The whole process of pest control will take 1-2 hours or more depending on the size of the infested area and the severity of the infestation.

These preparation are done to ensure you will get the best results from the pest control services. But, as I already said, it’s the process of collaborating pest control technicians with homeowners. So, your responsibility doesn’t end with pest control treatment.

Things To Do After Pest Control Treatment

After preparing your home for pest control treatment, you have some post-treatment responsibilities too. Your behavior and activities in the house after the treatment will ensure the effectiveness of the treatment applied to the infested area. If you want to ensure a successful home pest control service, then do the following things after pest control treatment.

Wait outside

As per the instructions of the exterminators stay outside. According to the recommended time by the technicians enter your home.

Discard all the leftover foods

If you have mistakenly left food items in the kitchen then simply discard the food after pest control treatment. You shouldn’t use them because the pest control team may use some harsh chemicals as this is the place that attracts the most pests. Even if they have used organic pest control treatment, the leftover food is not safe to consume.

Do Not Clean

Most people make a common mistake of cleaning their homes just after the pest control treatment. The trained and skilled pest control team will not leave a mess behind. So, you need not worry about it. They will clean everything that is required to be. And if you will use water and other things to clean the area then they might remove the products used by exterminators. This will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. As a result, you will face re-infestation. Clean the house the next day only. And, do not deep clean your house for a week at least.

Take Care of Yourself and Family Members

If you have babies and old-age people at home then take good care of them. Also, use gloves while touching the surfaces for the first time and unwrapping the goods.

Monitor Pests’ Activities

You may see more activities of pests just after the pest control treatment. This is because the pests cannot breathe initially so they will come out from hidden places in the open areas to breathe in the fresh air. After a few days, you will frequently find dead pests everywhere. It’s because the pesticides take a few days to work. So, keep checking for the dead pests and remove them immediately, or else they will attract other pests.

Doing these things will ensure you will have a successful pest control treatment at home. Kindly coordinate with the best pest control services provider in your area who can better guide you for do’s and don’ts of pre and post-home pest control treatment.

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