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Post-construction Termite Control Services

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Hire Post-construction Termite Control Services Through Service Bazaar

Termites are those pests that may seem harmless as they do not spread any disease or contaminate your food. But in reality, they can demolish a building from the inside by damaging its structural integrity. To keep the festering activity of termites at bay, you need to imply post-construction termite control services. Post-construction termite control service is done after the construction of the building before it gets occupied or right after the construction gets over. There are 4 methods of post-construction termite control services:

  • Treatment with pesticides
  • Treatment through baits
  • Soil treatment
  • Temperature-sensitive treatment

Natural ingredients work as pesticides for most pests. But termites are tolerant to most herbal pesticides. Hence, one must consider seeking professional help for residential pest control and commercial pest control for termites. The two main chemicals to kill termites inside the house by professional pest control companies are fipronil and hexaflumuron. The three steps involved in post-construction termite control services are:

  • Inspection of the site by the pest control technicians
  • Extermination of termites
  • Adopting preventive measures

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the post-construction termite control chemicals safe for the kids and pets in the house?

The chemicals used in post-construction termite control services like fipronil don’t have a fatal impact on humans and pets. But they are poisonous as they may cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, sweating, and weakness.

Are the post-construction termite control services effective in repelling the termites?

Yes, the post-construction termite control services are effective in repelling or even killing the termites in the house.

Can we use some natural alternative instead of chemicals for post-construction termite control services?

Termites are tolerant against most natural and herbal pest control measures. Hence, you need to use chemicals for post-construction termite control services. However, you can spray vinegar on the termite-affected areas in your house as a temporary solution.

How long does the post-construction termite control last inside the house?

Post-construction termite control takes 24 to 36 hours to come into effect after application and lasts up to 90 days.