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Pre-construction Anti-termite Treatment Services

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Hire Pre-construction Anti-termite Services Through Service Bazaar

Termites are those pests that can cause potential harm to furniture and wooden floor. But termites damage the structural integrity of the buildings by infesting them and making them unfit to live in. Termites inflict the foundation, the beams, and the entire support structure of the building. This is the reason why you need to include pre-construction anti-termite treatment services before the completion of the building. This anti-termite treatment is an effective pest management measure and involves an elaborate process. The chemicals used in pre-construction anti-termite services are chloro-pyriphos and imidacloprid.

These chemicals are made injected into dry soil in form of emulsions at the rate of 5 litres per square metre. This soil is then dried and laid in the foundation trenches and pits. Before constructing the vertical columns, beams, and walls, a separate masonry mix is created by injecting the chemical emulsion at 7.5 litres per square metre. This way the entire building is guarded against the festering activities of the termites. The mix of the emulsion and soil in different proportions for the different parts of the building helps in creating a chemical barrier that either repels or kills the termites.

But you need the assistance of a professional pest control company to ensure the proper protection of your building during its construction phase. The pest control technicians have the apt knowledge and experience in handling the chemicals and their proportions. They work hand in hand with the construction team in the initial phase of the building construction for maintaining residential pest control or commercial pest control from the grass-root level. Despite several pest control companies in your nearby area it is difficult to find a pest control company that caters to such proficient requirements. Service bazaar can help you find the most competent pest control companies that conduct pre-construction anti-termite treatment services.

Why you should hire termite treatment services through Service Bazaar

Service Bazaar is an incredible online platform that connects you to the topmost pest control service providers who are into pre-construction anti-termite treatment services.  We have the foremost service providers in the country located in all the major cities of India who are our vendors. We verify the credentials of our clients before putting them up on the Service Bazaar portal. When you enquire about the best pre-construction anti-termite services, we send you the verified details of the 3 best pest control companies in your area. As you compare their rates, you will be able to save up to 30%.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the pre-construction anti-termite services effective in keeping the termites away?

Yes, the pre-construction anti-termite services are effective in either repelling the termites or sometimes killing the termites when they try to infest the building.

Are the pre-construction anti-termite treatment services safe for the kids and pets in the house?

Yes, pre-construction anti-termite treatment is done before the construction of the building. It doesn’t have any negative effects on kids and pets inside the house after the building is constructed.

Can Service Bazaar provide herbal solutions for pre-construction anti-termite treatment?

No, you cannot use herbal ingredients for pre-construction anti-termite treatment. Termite infestations on the exteriors of the buildings are severe and cannot be repelled or exterminated using herbal methods.

Can I use the same chemicals used in pre-construction anti-termite treatment to treat termite infestation inside the house?

You should never use chloro-pyriphos and imidacloprid inside the house. These are very strong chemicals and completely inappropriate for use within the house.