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Makeup Artists in Kolkata

Book professional party and bridal makeup artists in Kolkata through Service Bazaar and save up to 30% by comparing their quotes.

About Makeup Artists in Kolkata

Many of us are unaware of the power of makeup. But, the makeup artists in Kolkata know it. A full-coverage concealer can help you hide your acne. The right shade of foundation will enhance your look, and the lip liner will make your lip look fuller. Today, not only brides but also every girl and woman has started applying makeup for every special occasion. And makeup enhances their looks. But makeup products solely cannot do wonders on your face until you have a fabulous artist to help you.

Yes, makeup artists in Kolkata are those beauty professionals who are experts in using different branded products, which do magic on your face. They know how different products help to enhance the look of your face from every angle. Your professional makeup artists will help you alter your look. from concealing to contouring, they know the different techniques that transform your entire look.

While doing your makeup, your makeup artist doesn’t only keep your skin type and facial structure in their mind but also considers the type of hair you have and your outfit. They do makeup that complements your entire look. So, whether it’s your engagement or someone other’s wedding, don’t miss a chance to look the best and stand out in the crowd by hiring professional makeup artists in Kolkata.

Book Professional Makeup Artists in Kolkata through Service Bazaar

Service Bazaar understands the importance of professional makeup artists for your wedding or any special occasion. Today, destination weddings are in vogue. And finding the best bridal makeup artist in Kolkata may become tough for outsiders. If you have the same concern then count on Service Bazaar. Here you get a list of qualified and certified beauty specialists in Kolkata. They provide a complete bridal makeup package with other makeup services.

Submit your requirements by filling out an inquiry form. Instantly, you will receive free quotes from the top makeup salons in Kolkata. They will give you their estimates for both services – makeup at the salon and makeup at the venue. Yes, the charges vary according to the location selected by the customer. Also, the style of your makeup affects the makeup charges. With free quotes, you can compare 3-4 professional makeup artists’ charges in Kolkata to choose the one that best fits your budget.

All the makeup artists listed on this portal are certified and qualified. We have pre-verified them to ensure we are bringing the beauty experts to your doorstep. So, you can hire any of our associates in Kolkata serving as the best professional makeup artists in Kolkata. Either direct call the specialist for bridal makeup service or call us to get free estimates and book the most affordable makeup artist in Kolkata.

Approximate Makeup Artists Prices in Kolkata

The fee structure of makeup artists in Kolkata is based on a flat rate or style basis. Every artist pre-decides the charges for makeup services. For different looks, they have different rates. But, when it comes to creating a custom wedding look, engagement look, or reception look, then stylists charge according to the style.

Bridal makeup costs from Rs. 10,000 - Rs. 30,000 in Kolkata. However, the exact cost depends on the type of professional makeup artist you have chosen. Some charge for their skills, experience, and knowledge. Some also offer the complete bridal package at the same price that includes pre-bridal care, facial, and trial makeup too. To know the exact price of makeup artists in Kolkata, contact a professional artist near you through Service Bazaar. Get instant quotes to compare rates and select the one that fits your budget. Check the following price table to know the approximate charges for makeup artists in Kolkata.

Event/Makeup Type Price Range
Portfolio Shoot Rs. 10,000 onwards
Fashion Photography Rs. 25,000 onwards
Party/Occasion Rs. 5,000 onwards
Small House Party Rs. 3,000 onwards
Small Get Together Look Rs. 3,000 onwards
Corporate Function Rs. 15,000 onwards
Bridal Makeup Rs. 6,000 onwards
Engagement Makeup Rs. 5,000 onwards
Celebrity Makeup Rs. 25,000 onwards
HD Makeup Rs. 10,000 onwards
Airbrush Makeup Rs. 8,000 onwards


Frequently Asked Questions

Do artists travel to other cities for makeup services?

Yes, of course. Almost, every artist travels to other cities to provide makeup services to their clients. Today, most clients prefer destination wedding makeup services. So, our partners offer the same to fulfil their desires.

What products do they use?

As every client’s face and skin quality are different hence, the artists use different products on clients depending on the situation. But the most common products that they use on the client are primer, foundation, compact powder, highlighter, lipstick, eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara, and blush.

Do I get complimentary bridesmaid makeup if I come to the salon/studio for bridal makeup?

Although many salons provide such offers as special discounts on festive seasons. However, it’s not necessary you will get it from every beauty salon in Kolkata. But you always have a scope to talk to your artist to get such a complimentary service.

How far in advance do I have to book?

At least 2 months before your wedding day because most of the professional artists in Kolkata get booked soon. Well, experts advise booking the artists for bridal makeup as soon as you get engaged.

What are the makeup artist rates in Kolkata?

Makeup artists’ fees in Kolkata vary according to the makeup style, location, and season. However, their charges range from Rs. 3,500 – Rs. 35,000 for party and bridal makeup.

Do I have to hire a hairstylist separately or the makeup artist will do my hair too?

When you book a makeup package that includes complete styling from face makeup to hairdo and attire draping. Even if the makeup artist knows simple hairstyles, they will take the hairstylist with them. So, no need to hire hair stylists separately.