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Wood Borer Control Services

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Hire Wood Borer Control Services Through Service Bazaar

It is easy to confuse wood borers with termites as both of them are pests that do similar kinds of destruction to your property. Wood borers are less harmful than termites but they have an interesting life cycle. They hatch from eggs within 2 weeks and live a larval life of 3 years and an adult life of 4 weeks. The wood borers enter the wooden surfaces through the cracks and crevices and lay eggs inside them. These eggs hatch to form the larvae which are when they contribute to the destruction. The larvae feed on the wood and make it hollow from the inside. The adults are harmless.

The woodborer infestation is easy to locate. If you find the surfaces of your furniture having multiple tiny holes with powdered wood surrounding the holes, it could be a wood borer infestation. Wood Borers can cause a lot of damage to your house and should be treated on time. It is best done by professional pest removal service providers. If you want to connect to the most efficient pest control services without spending too much time on research, you should contact Service Bazaar.

Why you should hire pest control services through Service Bazaar

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to naturally treat wood borer infestation?

Permethrin is a natural substance extracted from pyrethrum plants with low toxicity. It can be applied like a coat of paint on the surface of the affected wooden surfaces. It penetrates inside the wood and eradicates the adult wood borer beetles.

What is the cost of booking general pest removal services from a 2 BHK flat through Service Bazaar?

The cost of booking pest control services for removing Wood borers from a 3BHK flat through Service Bazaar is 1,100 INR.

Which time of the year is preferable for wood borer treatment?

You should consider the period between May to September to treat wood borer in your house through pest control services.

Can wood borers get into clothes?

Yes, wood borers can get into clothes but only as a mode of transportation. They survive on wooden surfaces, and they can get into your clothes to get transported to your bed or sofa so that they can access the wood in the furniture.