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Videographers in Kolkata

Compare the top 3 videographers in your area and save up to 30% on professional videographers in Kolkata.

Rely on Service Bazaar to Find Videographers in Kolkata

Do you want to have a video shot by drones, and the latest cameras, and made into a cinematic masterpiece? Then all this can be easily done by a professional Videographer. A videographer is a professional video maker who will shoot and edit your videos. Videographers are professional and experienced in this field. They will be shooting your videos as you like and then editing them to make them a video of your dreams. You can hire videographers for many occasions.

Now, you would be wondering where you should hire the best videographers in your area. A simple answer to this question is Service Bazaar. Service Bazaar is a multiservice providing company. We have been in this industry for a very long time. So, if you are looking for a videographer or any service provider in your area, then all you need to do is consult us. Book a consultation through Service Bazaar. Then the team will contact you and recommend you the top 3 videographers in your area.

Video is the best way to keep a memory of an occasion or a moment. It holds the whole occasion in it. We can keep it for a very long time. Videos can be of different occasions like weddings, pre-wedding videos, birthday videos, anniversary videos, and much more. You can hire professional videographers through Service Bazaar for different occasions. But there are so many videographers, how will you know which is an authentic one? And to help you out with this, Service Bazaar is here.

We tie with some of the most reputed and experienced videographers in your city. Before we tie up with them, we run a verification check. You will find pre-verified and genuine videographers engaged with us. Along with verification checks, you can also read customer reviews and google ratings of different videographers on the website. All these things will prove the videographer's authenticity to you. Service Bazaar also keeps in mind your budget.  And because of this, we will recommend you the top 3 videographers in Kolkata to your budget and requirement.

4 Things to Keep in Mind Before Hiring a Videographer?

Hiring a videographer for any occasion is a great decision. A videographer is an expert who will be shooting your video and editing it as well to give you the video of your dreams. But there are some things you should keep in mind before you hire a videographer.


One of the biggest mistakes people make before hiring a videographer is that they do not hire the videographer in advance. Videographers are in demand these days. People want their videos to be made by professionals. And that is why they are always booked. So, when you go and hire them before the occasion you will not get their dates as they will be occupied. To avoid this, make sure you are hiring the videographer months before the occasion.

Finalize the venue/location

Venue or location is significant because it will be the whole vibe of your video. And people do not finalize their venues before they consult a professional videographer. And this is a mistake. Avoid this mistake and finalize your venue or location before you hire a videographer. It will take off your stress, and it will also help the videographer. While you are consulting the videographer, you can tell them about your venue. And then they can bring the required equipment for the shoot. They can also suggest some good ideas as well.


Budget is the most important thing that you should consider before you hire a videographer. You should not approach videographers without knowing what your budget is. Make your budget and also see if you can raise your budget a little if needed. Set a range for videographers. This will be of great help to you and the videographer as well. While consulting a videographer, you can also ask them about their packages and then customize them as well to fit your budget. And sometimes numerous videographers also provide discounts too. And it is better if you ask them their charges per day and that way you can get an idea of their price and your budget.


Before you hire a videographer, one thing you must do is ask for a portfolio. Their portfolio will contain all of their previous work and projects. And with that, you can see what kind of work the videographer does. It is an essential thing. You can see if their style matches yours and what kinds of videos they make. Along with the portfolio, you can also ask them about their professional social media. Both the portfolio and social media will be of great help to you to know what kind of work the videographer does. You can judge their work and might get some ideas for yourself by seeing their portfolio. It will also prove that the videographer is authentic and genuine.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a videographer cost in Kolkata?

A videographer will cost you an estimate of 50-60k per day. The prices of videographers differ as per the services you will avail. And it will also vary from one videographer to the other. You can consult Service Bazaar to hire professional and affordable videographers in Kolkata. You can book a consultation through Service Bazaar.

Should we book a videographer in advance?

Yes, you should book a videographer in advance. Book the videographer at least 3-4 months before the occasion. Many videographers are already booked in advance and if you will go to hire them just before the occasion many of them will not be available.

Can we book videographers in Kolkata for different occasions?

Yes, you can book videographers in Kolkata for many occasions. Videographers provide their services for different occasions. They range from weddings, anniversaries, pre-wedding shoots and many more. Consult Service Bazaar to hire videographers in Kolkata. We will recommend the top 3 videographers in your area.