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Vastu Consultants in Mumbai

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Procuring a spacious and snug home in Mumbai is a considerable achievement in itself. To be able to afford the skyrocketing price of a Mumbai property gives you a feeling of success and contentment. But what if your contentment is fragile and has a short shelf life? This can happen if you have not checked the Vastu of your new house before moving in. You will want to ensure the happiness and prosperity of your family and for that, you should check whether your new house is Vastu-compliant or not. For examining the Vastu of your house, you need to consult the Vastu consultants in Mumbai.

Vastu of your house will have a huge impact on your holistic lifestyle. It will affect your health, mentality, emotional state, and financial condition. Thus, a Vastu-compliant house enhances your health, wisdom, finances, and social status whereas a house that does not comply with the rules of the Vastu Shastra depletes your overall lifestyle. Such houses have Vastu-dosha. Vastu dosha can cause life-endangering diseases like heart problems, kidney problems, brain problems, cancer, and nerve problems. Vastu dosha also causes severe psychiatric issues like schizophrenia and suicidal tendencies. Sometimes Vastu dosha causes sudden death in the family.

To steer clear of such grim scenarios, you should get the Vastu of your house examined by the Vastu consultants in Mumbai. But when you are looking for an expert in this field, you have to allot a lot of time and effort in the process. You may not have enough time to look for the Vastu consultants, and you may land up picking some amateur for the consultancy. These inexperienced consultants will charge you a hefty amount for the consultation and give you some trash remedies to correct the Vastu of your house. This will further worsen the family members and put them at risk. Therefore, you should trust a dependable source to recommend you the best Vastu consultants in Mumbai.

Service Bazaar exactly does this job for you. We are a 100% dependable online platform that helps you in finding the best service providers in your proximity according to your budget and requirements. We have the foremost Vastu consultants in the country partnered with us, and we are located in all the major cities of India. This will help you to book our services from any corner of the nation. You don't have to spend ample time searching for Vastu consultants and checking their backgrounds. We send you the contact details of the 3 foremost Vastu consultants in Mumbai after verifying their credentials. We make sure that you don’t avail of a subs-standard service from our end.

Booking services through Service Bazaar is simple, and you can do it in different ways. You can call our toll-free number 1800 11 6878 or fill up the enquiry form on the home page of You can also email us your query at In no time, you will receive the contact details of the 3 Vastu consultants in Mumbai. By comparing the rates of the 3 Vastu consultants, you can save up to 30% and choose the consultant you find the best.

Why you should choose professional Vastu consultants

Vastu Shastra has a deep-rooted influence on contemporary architecture even though this subject was founded in 6000 BC. The ancient texts of Vastu Shastra were the first mentioned in the Stapatya Veda, a part of the Atharva Veda. Ever since then, Vastu Shastra has provided an enormous contribution to the architecture and design of buildings and temples. It is still followed as a rule book by Indian architects and interior designers. The reason is the immense power of the science of Vastu Shastra in bringing physical, emotional, and financial success to one's life. You can bring all the benefits of this ancient science into your life by hiring professional Vastu consultants with avid knowledge of the subject.

Benefits of choosing Service Bazaar for your Vastu consultation

Service Bazaar extensively assists you by providing the best services in Vastu consultation by saving you time in researching several Vastu consultants in Mumbai by sending you the contact details of the 3 most recognized Vastu experts in a jiffy. Since you can compare the charges of the 3 Vastu consultants in Mumbai, you can save up to 30% on the consultation. Moreover, you will get the pre-verified details of the Vastu consultants, so you don’t have to be hesitant about their credibility.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the colour of the Southern Wall of my house?

The southern direction is governed by Mars. The most preferred colour for the Southern wall should be red or orange.

Which direction is most suitable for sleeping?

While sleeping, make sure that your head is towards the South or the East. Never sleep with your head in the Northern direction.

How to book Vastu consultancy in Mumbai through Service Bazaar?

For booking Vastu consultancy in Mumbai through Service Bazaar, you can call our helpline number 1800 11 6878 or send us a mail at You can also log in to our website and fill out the enquiry form given on the home page. You can select the most-suitable Vastu consultant from the pre-verified details of 3 Vastu consultants in Mumbai.

Which colour should I wear to an interview or exam?

Normally, you should have different colours on different days of the week. But when you are going for an interview or an exam, make sure that you wear either yellow or green. Yellow is the colour of Jupiter and Green is the colour of Mercury. These colours will help you in getting through, provided you have prepared well for the interview or the exam.

Which colour is best for the Mandir at home?

Your Mandir can be of wooden colour, golden colour, yellow colour, or white colour.

Which colour is best for the exterior walls of the house?

The best colour for the exterior of your house is off-white.