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Owning an extensive property in affluent locales of Kolkata like Bhowanipore, Alipore, Salt Lake, or the New Town is more than enough to make you feel like one of the luckiest and most accomplished individuals in Kolkata. Kolkata is the "City of Joy" and having your residence in one of these well-off places adds to more joys in life. But are you confident that this joy is going to last forever? Are you certain that your house of joys is not going to shatter like a house of cards? If you haven't examined the Vastu of your house, your joys can go for a toss and your family members may undergo a tough time.

Your modern house and modern lifestyle may not find it logical to abide by the age-old theories of the Vastu Shastra. But if you genuinely care about the overall health and success of your family members, you should get the Vastu of your house examined by an eminent Vastu consultant in Kolkata. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture and theories of planning a layout of a house. All the temples and most of the houses are constructed following the texts of Vastu Shastra. But many things are constructed, designed, or positioned against the rules of the Vastu Shastra. This leads to Vastu dosha in your house.

Vastu dosha has severe harmful effects on the physical, mental, and financial aspects of the family members who reside in the house. Life-endangering diseases like TB, cancer, brain disorder, neurological disorder, heart attack, cerebral attack, kidney ailments, depression, schizophrenia, suicidal tendencies, etc. can be the result of having Vastu dosha in your house. There can be the untimely death of a family member due to Vastu dosha. You should get your house examined by a proficient Vastu consultant in Kolkata and follow the remedial measures to combat the malefic effects of Vastu dosha. The remedial measures can be carried out by placing certain articles in particular directions or colouring the walls of the house with specific colours or constructing distinct structures within the house.

It is important to make your house Vastu-compliant by consulting a Vastu expert in Kolkata. But your hunting spree for the best Vastu consultants in Kolkata will need you to devote ample time and effort. Yet, you cannot be sure that you will land up with a legitimate consultant with relevant experience and knowledge in Vastu Shastra. If you don't have the time to look for a suitable Vastu consultant, you will end up with a compromised choice. There's a proverb called "a little learning is a dangerous thing", which will happen if you hire someone with limited knowledge on the subject. Wrong Vastu examination and remedies can have a severe adverse effect on your house and your family.

Therefore, you need a dependable source of information to which you can entrust the job of finding the most-suitable Vastu consultants in Kolkata. This is where Service Bazaar can show you the right way. Service Bazaar is an all-encompassing online portal that has business tie-ups with the topmost Vastu consultants in India. Our consultants are located in all the prominent cities of India and you can book your services from any corner of the country. We give you prompt services by sending you the details of the 3 best Vastu consultants in Kolkata within the blink of an eye.

Not only don't you have to spend time searching for them on the internet anymore, but also you don't have to be bothered about their authenticity. All the Vastu consultants that are enlisted with Service Bazaar are pre-verified. We verify the credentials of every individual before doing business with them. The Vastu consultants on Service Bazaar are authentic, knowledgeable, and experienced in their job. Service Bazaar also makes sure that you get connected only with those vendors who are compatible with your preferences and budget.

Service Bazaar sends you the pre-verified details of the top 3 Vastu consultants in Kolkata to determine the Vastu of your house and provide effective remedial measures. You need to compare the consultation charges of the 3 experts and select the one that offers you the least quotation. You will be able to save 30% of the consultation charges through this process. To book your services through Service Bazaar, you can fill up the enquiry form on the homepage of or call our toll-free number at 1800 11 6878. You can also email us your enquiry at

Significance of choosing professional Vastu consultants

According to Vastu Shastra, the Vastu of the dwelling has prominent effects on the dwellers of the house. This is the reason why Vastu Shastra is also known as the science of dwelling. You should get the Vastu of your house determined by the professional Vastu consultants through Service Bazaar who are authentic, qualified, and have multiple years of experience in this field. They will be able to tell you if your house in Kolkata is Vastu-compliant or not. Moreover, they will be able to prescribe you the right remedies that can nullify the ill effects of Vastu dosha in your house. This will help you to ensure the elevated physical, mental, and financial parameters of your family members.

Why you should hire through Service Bazaar for your Vastu consultation

Service Bazaar is a singular platform that connects you to the 3 topmost Vastu consultants in Kolkata. We provide you with pre-verified details of our vendors within a few minutes after your enquiry. Neither you need to invest your time in searching the Vastu consultants on the internet nor do you need to spend time researching their authenticity. Furthermore, you will be able to save 30% on your consultation fees by comparing the charges of the 3 Vastu consultants.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which God should be placed at the entrance of the house?

Photos of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi should be kept at the entrance of the house to attract wisdom, wealth, and prosperity. You can also hang a combo of Trishul, Om, and Swastika on the main door.

In which direction of the house should be the study room?

The best direction for the study room is North or East. Your child should face either the North or East direction while studying, as it enhances their analytical skills and memorizing power.

Which direction is best for setting up a garden in my house?

The best direction to set up a garden in your house is the East or the North.

How can I hire a Vastu consultant in Kolkata through Service Bazaar?

If you want to hire a Vastu consultant in Kolkata through Service Bazaar, you have to call our helpline number 1800 11 6878 or log in to our site and fill up the given form on the home page. You will get verified details of 3 Vastu experts in Kolkata. Compare their rates and save up to 30%.

In which direction should I place the wall clocks in the house?

The most suitable direction for placing wall clocks is the North. You can also place them in the East or the West. Make sure you never place them in the South.

Which direction is best for keeping the Tulsi plant in the house?

Northeast and North are the two directions for keeping the Tulsi plant in the house.