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Vastu Consultants in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad is a city that holds extreme historical relevance. But did you pay heed to the ancient aspects of Vastu Shastra while investing in a property in the city? If not, then it is time to toll the alarm bell, or it will start tolling slowly in repetition. Yes, a slow and repeated tolling of a bell indicates the demise of a family member, and that can happen if your house in Hyderabad does not comply with the norms of the Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra is the ancient study of architecture and design that emphasizes on direction, colours, and positioning of the house and its constituent elements.

Vastu has a colossal role to play in the physical, mental, and behavioural characteristics of the members of the family who reside in a particular house. As you are about to shift into your new house in Hyderabad, you should be aware of whether the house is Vastu-compliant or not. A Vastu-compliant house brings good fortune, good health, happiness, and prosperity along with it. A house that does not abide by the rules of the Vastu Shastra is said to have Vastu dosha. Vastu dosha brings doom to the members of the family. Serious ailments like kidney disorders, heart diseases, brain dysfunction, neurological dysfunctions, and psychiatric disorders are some malefic effects of the Vastu dosha. It can also lead to the sudden death of a family member.

It is not possible to scrutinize the Vastu of your house in Hyderabad by checking YouTube videos or by watching Astrological TV shows. You need an expert to point out the Vastu dosha of your house and prescribe apt remedies to cancel its malefic effects. Finding a Vastu consultant in Hyderabad with proper knowledge, practice, and success in this field is a tough job. You need to devote ample time and yet, you may not come up with the expected results. Why not ask the experts who can help you out in this regard? Here, we are referring to the Service Bazaar, your one-stop solution for all service-related searches.

Service Bazaar is an all-encompassing online portal that helps you in finding the best service providers in all possible fields. We have business tie-ups with the best Vastu consultants throughout the country. You may book your services through Service Bazaar and find the best Vastu consultants in Hyderabad within the blink of an eye. You don't have to spare long hours searching for them or researching them. We do both the jobs of searching and researching within a very short period. When we bring the vendors on our portal, we make sure that they are genuine in their trade. Service Bazaar verifies the credentials, and checks the qualifications and the client history of the vendors beforehand.

With Service Bazaar, you get prompt services from genuine vendors at the best prices. As soon as you enquire, we will send you the details of the 3 best Vastu consultants in Hyderabad you have to compare the rates, and you can save up to 30% on the entire deal. For booking services through our portal, you can call us at 1800 11 6878 or fill up the enquiry form on the home page of You can also email us your requirements at

Why Professional Vastu consultants are required

Vastu Shastra is of prime importance when it comes to the construction and design of your house. Positioning certain commodities within the house can prove highly beneficial for enhancing the destiny of the family members as well. Make sure that your new house in Hyderabad is Vastu-compliant so that you are bestowed with a healthy, wealthy, and socially elevated family. But if your house is inflicted with Vastu dosha, you will face constant hurdles in life. You need a qualified professional to point out the Vastu dosha and advise remedial measures to abate the malefic effects. Service Bazaar can help you find professional Vastu consultants in Hyderabad.

Why choose Service Bazaar for your Vastu consultation

Service Bazaar instantly connects you to service providers according to your preference and budget. When you enquire about the best Vastu consultants in Hyderabad, you get the 3 best options near you at the best prices. We have prompt service, and it saves you the time to search the internet. We cross-check the credentials of our vendors, and hence you don’t have to think twice about their authenticity. You get the finest services at the lowest prices as we send you 3 options to choose from, and you can compare the prices and save 30% on the consultation fee.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which direction of the house-facing is considered auspicious?

East-facing houses are auspicious as it brings good health and prosperity. South-facing houses should be completely avoided as it is the side of Yama, the God of Death.

Which direction is most appropriate and suitable for the main door of my house in Hyderabad?

The direction of the main door of your house in Hyderabad should be in the North, East, or Northeast direction.

Which Gods should not be kept in Hindu homes?

According to Vastu Shastra, you should not keep idols of Shani dev, Rahu, Ketu, Nataraja, and Narsimha at your home. Avoid keeping cracked or broken idols or photo frames of Gods. Avoid keeping two idols of the same God in the Puja Mandir at home.

Which direction is most suitable for setting up a garden?

North and East are the two sides that are best for setting up a garden. Avoid the West and South sides completely.

What is the procedure to book a Vastu consultancy in Hyderabad through Service Bazaar?

For booking Vastu consultancy in Hyderabad through Service Bazaar, you can follow three different procedures:

  • Email us at
  • Call our toll-free number, 1800 11 6878.
  • Log in to our site and fill out the enquiry form given on the home page.

Why are we advised not to keep any watch or clock that is not in working condition?

Watches and clocks are symbols of the growth of a person with time. If you keep defunct watches and clocks at home, your growth will stop. You will not be able to prosper in terms of career, relationships, finance, and social respect. You should either get them repaired back to working condition, or you should throw them away immediately.