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Vastu Consultants in Faridabad

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Faridabad is a planned city and as you are planning to shift to a new place in this city, you should be aware of the Vastu aspects of the house. If you are not aware of the term “Vastu”, we will explain it to you in simple words. If we go by the meaning of the word “Vastu”, it means a house or a dwelling. “Vastu Shastra” is the study of the architecture, direction, and design of a house that has the potential to alter the energy within the system. Every house has a different Vastu that affects the overall livelihood of the residents in the house. So, before you shift to the new house with your family, you should check whether your house is Vastu-compliant or not.

When you shift into a new house, you will find that there are immense changes that occur in your life; not all the changes are good. Sometimes you will find that a family member encounters heart problems or depression, or there can be an untimely death in the family. If these issues arise right after shifting into a new house, you can conclude that there is some major Vastu dosha in the house that you should get rid of. But it is better that you get the Vastu checked by consulting a Vastu consultant in Faridabad before you move into the new house, and you face issues later on.

Don't try to impose Vastu remedies in your house by reading things on the internet or after watching some fortune-telling show on the TV. The tips on the internet and TV are generic and may not be suitable for combating the Vastu dosha of your house. Things may become more complicated, and you may face worse consequences if you follow the generic tips. You should consult a Vastu consultant in Faridabad before moving into your new house. This allows you to dedicate suitable rooms to the family members and apply the right colours on the walls according to the directions. A Vastu consultant will not give you generic advice but will tell you the exact Vastu dosha and its remedy.

Finding an accomplished Vastu consultant is not an easy job. You will have to devote enough time to finding them and then researching them. But you don't have long hours to spare looking for the experts, researching them, and then executing the sought-after remedial measures. If you try to find a Vastu consultant on your own by searching the internet, you may not be successful in finding the right one for yourself. Many fraudulent Vastu consultants in Faridabad extract hefty consultation fees from you and give you some trash advice that will ruin your future. Hence, you need a fool proof guide to help you in this situation. Service Bazaar will help you in this regard.

Service Bazaar is a stand-alone platform where you can find the most distinguished Vastu consultants from across the country. As we have our vendors in all the prominent cities of the nation, you can book your services from any part of India. You don't need to invest a lot of time or money as we help you in saving them both. As soon as you enquire about Service Bazaar, we send you the 3 relevant details of our vendors who excel in their field and are located near you. You can compare the rates of the 3 companies and save up to 30% by choosing the best one for yourself.

The best part of hiring the Vastu consultants in Faridabad through Service Bazaar is that you get legitimate service providers. At service Bazaar, we verify the legitimacy of the service providers before doing business with them. We check the identity proofs, qualification documents, and credentials to verify their legitimacy. We maintain the quality of our services by enlisting Vastu consultants who are competent and experienced in their field. Therefore, when you hire service providers through our platform, you get legit services at legit prices.

It is easy to book your services through Service Bazaar. You can email us your enquiry at, or you can fill up the form given on the homepage of our website, You can also call us on our helpline number 1800 11 6878.

Importance of Professional Vastu consultants

The Vastu of your house is a primary factor that decides the luck of the members of the family residing in it. Make sure that your house is Vastu-compliant when you move into a new house in Faridabad. Your rooms should be of appropriate colour with the direction and design of the house. When things are not according to the norms of the Vastu Shastra, there is Vastu dosha in your house that brings terrible consequences. Luckily, there are ways to correct the Vastu dosha using certain remedies, but they act according to your expectations only when prescribed by a qualified Vastu consultant. This is the reason you need to consult the professionals for Vastu consultation.

Why choose Service Bazaar for your Vastu consultation

Service Bazaar helps you in getting the best services in Vastu consultation because:

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  • Likewise, it verifies the credentials and qualifications of the service providers before enlisting them on our platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which plants should not be kept at home?

Cactus plants should not be kept at home. Any plants with thorns or ones that give out a milky sap on breaking the stem should not be kept at home. Tamarind plants, henna plants, and dead plants should be completely avoided from the premises of your home.

Which direction is suitable for placing the Mandir at home?

The most suitable direction for placing the Mandir is the Northeast. If the Northeast corner is not available, you can opt for either the North or East direction.

What is the procedure for booking Vastu consultancy services through Service Bazaar?

If you want to book Vastu consultancy services through Service Bazaar, you can call our toll-free number 1800 11 6878 or email us at You can also log in to our site and fill out the enquiry form given on this portal. You can choose the best consultant among the pre-verified details of 3 Vastu consultants in Faridabad.

Which colour of car should I buy?

The colour of your car varies with your moon sign or Rashi. In general, white, red, and yellow colour cars are safe and lucky for everyone.

Which direction is best for setting up the kid’s bedroom?

The best direction for setting up the kid’s bedroom is the West. Your child should sleep with the head towards the East or the South.

Which colour is best for the exterior walls of the house?

The safest and luckiest colour for the exterior of your house is off-white.