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Buying an impeccable new abode in the “Silicon Valley of India” can be an enthralling experience in itself. But did you cross-check whether your new house is Vastu-compliant or not? You may have a beautiful house, but it does not mean that your future after shifting into the new house will be equally good. To have a happy and healthy life with a good financial backup, you must have a house that is Vastu-compliant. A home with good Vastu has positive vibes that impart good health and affluence to the residents, whereas a house with bad Vastu or Vastu dosha brings depletion in health, and financial condition, and can even cause the death of a family member.

Vastu dosha is a chief aspect that determines the fortune of the family members, and it should be taken seriously. Thankfully, you can nullify the effects of Vastu dosha by embracing some remedial measures. Vastu of your house starts showing results only after you shift into a new house. Therefore, make sure that you consult a Vastu expert before shifting into your new house in Bengaluru. But you need a dependable source to recommend you the best-suited Vastu consultant in Bangalore. This is where we come into the picture. We are the Service Bazaar.

Service Bazaar is a composite platform where you can get the details of the service providers instantly after stating your enquiry. We have the most remarkable Vastu consultants partnered with us, who are located in all the prime cities of the nation. Moreover, Service Bazaar verifies the credentials of the Vastu consultants and ensures their authenticity and competency. Therefore, you can book our services from any part of India and get the details of the 3 best Vastu consultants in your nearby region who are authentic, competent, and experienced. You can get the services at the cheapest prices as you can save up to 30% by comparing the prices of the 3 consultants.

If you look for Vastu consultants in Bangalore, you will be asking your trusted sources like friends, colleagues, and neighbours for recommendations. Next, you will search the internet and there will be multiple options to choose from. You may choose a random Vastu consultant, checking their promotions and reviews. But you will have no idea if the promotions and reviews are real or fake. A fake Vastu consultant will give you some worthless remedies to correct the Vastu dosha of your house, following which you will be in deep trouble. Hence, you need to book genuine and knowledgeable Vastu consultants in Bengaluru who can guide you rightly through the process.

Booking services through Service Bazaar is simple and there are numerous ways you can do it. You can log in to our website and fill up the form provided on the homepage, or you can call us at 1800 11 6878. You can also email us your enquiry at

Significance of Professional Vastu consultants

Vastu plays an essential role in determining the overall wellness of the family members. A house that is Vastu-compliant will have blessed family members. They will have good health, wisdom, affluence, social respect, and unending success in life. On the contrary, a house with bad Vastu or Vastu dosha will have doomed family members. They will be suffering from life-endangering diseases like heart problems, kidney problems, brain disorders, cancer, neurological disorder, and co-morbidity, and there are chances of sudden deaths in the family.

If you want to keep your family safe from all the ill effects of Vastu dosha, you should opt to hire a professional Vastu consultant in Bangalore. Make sure that you are hiring someone who is genuine, qualified, and experienced in this field. Only a professional Vastu consultant can help you in getting the right remedies for Vastu dosha.

Why choose Service Bazaar for your Vastu consultation

You should choose Service Bazaar for hiring the Vastu consultants because of the following factors:

  • Service Bazaar saves you a lot of time by sending you the details of the 3 most prominent Vastu consultants in Bangalore within minutes of your enquiry. You don’t have to go anywhere or ask anyone, but just place your enquiry at Service Bazaar.
  • You can save up to 30% of the consultation fees by comparing the rates of the 3 Vastu consultants in Bengaluru.
  • Service Bazaar verifies the credentials of the Vastu consultants and makes sure that they are competent and experienced in their job.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Mirrors should be kept in the North or the East.

Which direction is best for keeping the Mandir at home?

The best direction for placing the Mandir is the Northeast.

How to book Vastu consultancy services through Service Bazaar?

For booking Vastu consultancy services through Service Bazaar, you can call our toll-free number 1800 11 6878 or email us at You can also log in to our site and fill out the enquiry form given on the home page.

Which colour is most suitable for the exterior walls of the house?

The most suitable colour for the exterior of your house is off-white and green.

Which colour is best for the master bedroom?

The most suitable colour for the master bedroom is pink.

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The best direction for setting up a water tank is the North.