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Storage & Warehousing Services for Household & Commercial Goods


When relocating to a new place, you may need warehousing or storage facilities for your goods. Whether you want a storage facility for household items or commercial goods, we at the Service Bazaar will make sure that you get the warehousing & storage service in your city at a reasonable price. To help you get the best warehousing & storage solution in your city, we have made associations with top-notch logistic companies that have their own warehouses and storage units. We also have made tied up with some independent warehousing agents across the country to offer seamless warehousing & logistic experience.

Most logistic companies (packers and movers) use the term warehouse and storage facility interchangeably. Technically, a warehouse is a building for storing goods. But the term is more specially used by businesses. Manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transport companies, etc often use warehouses to keep their products.

On the other hand, storage is a narrow term for warehouses. It is basically a godown where household items, office-related goods, vehicles, and other items of consumers are stored. Most movers and packers will offer you a storage facility on your move. They offer this specific service because sometimes people don’t have their new home ready to enter their all belongings. To avoid this situation, moving companies offer warehousing & storage facilities.

Whatever your actual warehousing and storage need is, you must consider getting the best and most reliable storage solution. At the Service Bazaar, we will make sure that you get the best storage solution at a reasonable price. And you don’t need to hire the storage facility from a third-party vendor, as you can get the service through the same company you will hire to move your belongings.

Warehousing & Storage Costs in India

The costs of warehousing & storage facilities in India depend on many factors. The storage cost can vary from one company to another. It can vary from one city to another. The volume of goods, storage duration, type of goods, and facilities available at the warehouse (storage) will also affect the the costs of storage facilities. However, you do not need to feel blue as you can know the approximate warehousing & storage charges in your city.

In general, warehousing & storage charges in most Indian cities are as follows:

Household Storage Type Estimated Charges Total Approx. Number of Boxes:
1 BHK Rs 3000 – 4000 Per Month 20
2 BHK Rs 4000 – 5000 Per Month 30
Box Storage (Small) Rs 300 – 400 per month —NA—
Box Storage (Medium) Rs 500 – 600 per month —NA—
Box Storage (Large) Rs 600 – 700 per month —NA—
Scooter/Bike Storage Rs 750 – 1100 per month —NA—
Sports Bike Storage Rs 1000 – 1500 per month —NA—
Car Storage (Hatchback) Rs 2500 – 3200 per month —NA—
Car Storage (Sedan) Rs 3000 – 3800 per month —NA—
Car Storage (SUV) Rs 4000 – 5000 per month —NA—