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Sofa Cleaning Services

Say goodbye to stains and odours with our sofa cleaning services. Compare the top 3 sofa cleaning experts near you and save up to 30% on sofa cleaning.

Get Your Sofa Looking New Again with Our Professional Cleaning Services

Do you want to impress your guests with a sparkling clean sofa? Do you want to get rid of dirt, stains, and pests from your furniture? Do you want to enjoy a comfortable and hygienic sofa at your home or office?

If yes, then you need professional sofa cleaning services that you can book through Service. At Service Bazaar, we offer doorstep sofa cleaning services in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, and other locations in India. You can contact them and get connected with professional sofa cleaners near you who have years of experience and expertise in cleaning different types of upholstered furniture.

To help you find the best sofa cleaning service near you, we have partnered with top-rated sofa cleaning companies across the country. Our partners are verified. We have thoroughly vetted their credentials beforehand. So, we can help you find the best service for sofa cleaning near you.

The cleaning experts who are partnered with us use the best disinfectant and cleaning agents to sanitize your sofa and make it look like new. They also offer sofa dry cleaning services for leather and fabric furniture. They will inspect your sofa for any pest infestation and provide you with the best solution.

Your sofa is not just a piece of furniture. It is a place where you relax, unwind, and spend quality time with your loved ones. It is also a reflection of your personality and style. That's why you need to take good care of it and keep it clean and fresh.

Don't let a dirty sofa ruin your mood or reputation. Book the best service for sofa cleaning through Service Bazaar today. Get the best sofa cleaning service in India at affordable prices. You will be amazed by the results and the difference it will make to your home or office.

Services offered by Service Bazaar:

  • Sofa cleaning
  • Couch cleaning
  • Sofa dry cleaning
  • Settee dry cleaning
  • Cushions dry cleaning
  • Leather sofa cleaning
  • Office sofa cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning

Our partners take proper safety precautions while performing the cleaning process. They use 100% safe chemicals that are harmless for kids and elderly people. They use vacuum cleaners, scrubbing brushes, and branded polish to clean and enhance your sofa.

Service Bazaar’s partners work fast and efficiently to save you time and money. They provide high-quality sofa and furniture cleaning services at reasonable prices. You will get complete satisfaction and peace of mind with their service.

Don't wait any longer. Book sofa cleaning services through Service Bazaar now and get ready to enjoy a clean, beautiful, and cosy sofa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to get our furniture professionally cleaned?

Over time the dirt and other potentially harmful toxins get trapped in the upholstered furniture. And this can cause some serious health issues. Also, it makes your living space look dirty. Dirty furniture can never be pleasant to your eyes. Hence, you should get your furniture cleaned by professional cleaners.

My sofa covers aren’t removable, can professionals still clean them?

Yes, several methods and tools are used to clean a sofa that doesn't have any removable covers. Rest assured professional cleaners are experienced in the same.

How long does it take to clean a leather sofa?

Well, from vacuuming to cleaning your leather sofa there is a step-by-step process to clean your leather sofa. So, the entire process including the drying process will take 5-6 hours.

How often should I get my sofa cleaned by professionals?

Once you got your sofa cleaned by a professional then you don’t have to worry about it for 6 months at least. But, if you have kids and pets at home, or your house is located on the roadside, then you should get your sofa cleaned by professionals once in 3 months.

What kind of cleaning solutions do professionals use?

We use only organic and non-toxic cleaning agents. Also, our entire crew is experienced and trained. Our products are pet-friendly too. So, you don’t have to be worried about this.

Why Service Bazaar?

Service Bazaar is a trusted online portal where you find hundreds of genuine cleaning service providers. You get free estimates for sofa cleaning services through us.