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Silverfish Control Services

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Most of us have encountered the half-an-inch-long creepy crawlies with mirror-like shiny bodies and fluttering antennas in our homes. Silverfishes are pests that are attracted to warm damp places which is why they are found in bathrooms. They enter our houses through an infested carton, a book, or some clothing. These pests do not bite, sting, or carry any harmful diseases. Silverfishes cause a nuisance by contaminating your food. They invade the uncovered food items and poop on them turning it foul. Therefore, you should not leave any uncovered food on the kitchen countertop.

Silverfishes cause menace by nibbling on food, grains, pet food, paper, cloth, hair, plaster, furniture, glue, and remains of other dead insects. They need starch and protein to survive. If they find sources of their required nutrients, they nibble those items and damage them. Silverfish mainly damage clothing and paper. If they get into your wardrobe, your clothes will get damaged. Again, libraries and bookshops are the most vulnerable places for silverfish infestation. If these pests are not controlled, they will cause extreme damage to our belongings. To exterminate these pests from your domestic territory, you should conduct professional pest management. Service Bazaar can help you in this regard.

Why you should hire silverfish control through Service Bazaar

Service Bazaar is an elaborate online portal that has a multitude of service providers from several spheres as our vendors. We cater to the needs of our clients by connecting them to the most suitable vendors according to their location, preferences, and budget. Service Bazaar checks the credentials of the vendors before doing business with them. Therefore, you can be assured of legitimate services from our end. When you enquire about residential pest control services or commercial pest control services, we send you the details of the 3 best pest control companies in your nearby area. You can compare their charges and save up to 30%.


Frequently Asked Questions

What natural ingredients can be used to kill silverfish?

You can use boric acid, cedar wood shavings, cinnamon powder, cucumber peels, citrus fruits, and cloves to drive away silverfish. Another easily available ingredient to remove this pest is by keeping naphthalene balls in your closet and bookshelves.

What is the cost of booking pest control services for removing Silverfishes from a 3 BHK flat through Service Bazaar?

The cost of booking pest control services for removing Silverfishes from a 3BHK flat through Service Bazaar is 1,300 INR.

Can silverfish climb up on beds?

No, silverfishes cannot climb up on beds. They can climb up on the walls and if your bed is against a wall, they can climb up on your bed.

Can silverfishes lay eggs inside old books?

Yes, books are in absolute favourite habitat for the silverfish. They lay eggs in the old books that are untouched for months.