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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does residential pest control service include?

Residential pest control services include the removal of all the pests from your house. The general residential pest control service will include mosquito control, cockroach control, lizard control, ant control, and some other insect control. To get rid of other stubborn pests, you will have to book specific pest control services such as termite control, rodent control, wasp control, bed bug control, and carpenter ant control.

Which method will the exterminators use to remove pests from my residence?

There are several pest control methods that exterminators can use to remove pests from your house. common methods are chemical pest control, integrated pest control, organic pest control, biological pest control, and electronic pest control. Professionals will work according to your preference.

How long after pest control I can go back to my residence?

You can enter your home after 1 hour when the products will get dry. But, make sure not to touch anything instantly after coming inside.

How long will the pest control take to work?

Some pests can be removed in just one treatment whereas some are stubborn and need more treatments to get completely removed from your residence. If the pest infestation is old and severe, then it may take 2-3 treatments to work. Consult a residential pest control service provider today to know the answer.

Do I have to pay again to my residential pest control company when they visit again for the treatment?

Well, this depends upon what your service provider has discussed with you at the time of the first consultation. Pest removal requires time and 2-3 sessions. Now, it’s up to the service provider whether he wants the payment in one for all the treatments or you will pay them every time they will visit for the treatment. Both cases are applicable. So, discuss this with your service provider.

Is it required to clean the house after pest control?

Although it is very important to clean your house after a pest control session yet experts suggest not to do it immediately after entering the house. Otherwise, the products that have been used to kill the pests won’t be effective anymore.

What are the charges for residential pest control services?

Residential pest control charges depend on various things. The size of the infested area, type of pests, severity, and pest control method, everything matters when determining the pest control charges.

Can the chemicals used by exterminators harm my pets?

Although the products used by professional exterminators are non-toxic and not harmful to pets yet we shouldn’t forget that the chemicals are intended to kill pests. So, there are chances your pets may not like the environment for a few hours. To avoid this, opt for organic pest control treatment or, keep your pets outside until the chemicals are dried completely.