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Photographers in Mumbai

Compare the top 3 best photographers in Mumbai with their rates and hire the best one at an economical price for photography services.

Find the Top Photographers in Mumbai at Service Bazaar

Are you looking for a photographer in the city of Dreams-Mumbai? Then you should consult Service Bazaar. Book now your free consultation through Service Bazaar. Our team of experts in Mumbai ties up with the best photographers in the city. Service Bazaar would recommend you affordable and leading photographers.

Service Bazaar partners with top photographers in Mumbai. We engage with professional and genuine photographers only. We respect your trust in us. Our recommendations would be of some of the best photographers in Mumbai. The photographers we tie with are skilled and talented. They will click your pictures professionally.

Choosing a photographer from so many photographers in Mumbai is not an easy task. There are so many options that it can be very overwhelming. But at Service Bazaar, you would be assisted with the best photographers according to your needs. Service Bazaar engages with professionally experienced photographers. They will be very professional in their work.

The photographers we engage with would provide you with a range of services. You can hire photographers for Candid photoshoots, Pre-wedding photoshoots, anniversary photoshoots, and much more. Our associates are fully committed to delivering you with leading photographers in Mumbai. You can hire a photographer for any occasion and service through Service Bazaar at an affordable price.

Affordable professional photography services in Mumbai

Are you looking for a photographer in Mumbai that is affordable? Then Service Bazaar is where your search ends. Many people think that photographers are very expensive. But this is not true. There are a lot of photographers at Service Bazaar that are affordable and professional. We would help you to find a photographer that fits your budget.

Our whole team in Mumbai does extensive research on the market. And then they find the best and most affordable photographers for you. They have a whole team who will click your dream pictures. From lighting to the location, they would assist throughout the process.

Professional photographers in Mumbai will click your pictures as you want. You can simply rely on Service Bazaar to provide you with the best and most budget-friendly photographers in Mumbai. You just have to select a photographer in Mumbai that you like. Every photographer that we partner with is highly skilled.

The photographers we engage with in Mumbai have teams that are very professional in their work. And along with professionalism, they provide a very friendly environment. The team of photographers would be experts in the job. They are highly experienced and have been in this industry for a very long time. We assure high-quality photographers.

Our team in Mumbai is committed to providing you with affordable, professional, and skilled photographers. You can hire a photographer through Service Bazaar for once in lifetime experience.

Why to Service Bazaar to hire photographers in Mumbai

There are a lot of companies that offer photographers in Mumbai. But Service Bazaar is surely one of a kind. We provide you with leading photographers in Mumbai. Your money and time are valued here. Our team in Mumbai is committed to providing you with affordable and professional photographers.

We offer the services on the Service Bazaar website for free. Yes, we do not ask for any money from our clients for services. You have to fill out an inquiry form on the Service Bazaar website. The form is also free. And after that our consultants will contact you and bring you the best recommendation. It is not easy to find the best and most reputed photographer in Mumbai. But we are partnered with top photographers and photography companies in Mumbai. So that you don't have to search and waste your time but simply consult Service Bazaar.

Before we partner with a photographer, we do a full background check. We check all the credentials and verify if the photographer is genuine. You will only find pre-verified and genuine photographers engaged with Service Bazaar. Only genuine and professional photographers in Mumbai are enlisted on the Service Bazaar website. We will recommend you, photographers to, only after we are fully sure of them.

You can also read honest reviews about the photographers on the website. The reviews will help you to compare different photographers. Along with honest reviews, you can also check Google ratings on the website. All of these things are proof that Service Bazaar will only offer genuine photographers and photography companies to clients.

Service Bazaar and photographers that we are partnered with value the customers. We value your time and money. And that is why your budget and requirements are our and the photographer's priority. During the consultation with the photographers, they would guide you with what is best for you. You can also ask your queries and suggest your ideas to them as well. So, contact Service Bazaar and book your free consultation.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Photographers in Mumbai charge?

The standard price of photographers in Mumbai would be somewhere between 40,000 to 2 lakhs per day. But the prices of photographers also depend on the services you require. If you would book a photographer for one day the prices would be less. At Service Bazaar you can book affordable photographers in Mumbai.

How much does a photographer in Mumbai charge for a Pre-wedding shoot?

If a photographer in Mumbai would charge somewhere around 50,000 to 2.5 Lakhs per day for a Pre-wedding shoot. Pre-wedding shoots are very in trend these days. And to get your pictures clicked by a professional photographer they would charge you accordingly. At Service Bazaar we recommend professional and affordable photographers in Mumbai.

Does Photographers in Mumbai offer video shooting?

Yes, photographers in Mumbai also do video shooting. You can ask photographers in Mumbai for video shooting at the time of hiring them. Make sure you make it clear about what kind of services you want.

What kind of services are offered by photographers in Mumbai?

There is a range of services that are offered by photographers in Mumbai. You can book photographers in Mumbai for different occasions like Pre-wedding shoots, event photography, Candid photoshoot, baby photoshoot, and much more.