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Pest Control Services in New Alipore, Kolkata

Compare free quotes of the top 3 pest control professionals and save up to 30% on pest control services in New Alipore, Kolkata.

About Pest Control Services in New Alipore, Kolkata

Are you worried about pest infestation in your house or office? Do you want to make your property pest free as soon as possible? If yes, then you have visited the right place. Service Bazaar has collaborated with some of the top pest management companies in New Alipore that are experts in eliminating all kinds of pests safely. Get rid of these pesky creatures at affordable rates from the pest control companies we suggest to you. Compare quotes from 3 top-notch pest control companies in New Alipore and choose the best one as per your specific requirements.

Pest Control Services Price List New Alipore, Kolkata

Pest control prices in New Alipore vary a lot depending on the location, size of your property, type of infestation, kind of treatment, and the experience of the pest control company. Apart from that, the number of treatments also influences the cost of pest control in New Alipore. You may find some differences in the pest control charges of different pest treatment companies in New Alipore. Our price chart below will help you to get a clear idea of pest control charges in New Alipore.

Pest Control Prices List Based on the Type of Pests and the Size of Property

Treatment Type 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK 4 BHK 5 BHK
General Pest Control Rs 800 Rs 1100 Rs 1300 Rs 1500 Rs 2000
Bed Bug Control Rs 1500 Rs 2200 Rs 3000 Rs 3500 Rs 4000
Cockroach Control Rs 799 Rs 899 Rs 1099 Rs 1399 Rs 1599
Rodents/Rats Control Rs 749 Rs 849 Rs 949 Rs 1199 Rs 1399
Ant Control Rs 749 Rs 849 Rs 949 Rs 1199 Rs 1399
Mosquito Control Rs 1700 Rs 1900 Rs 2300 Rs 2500 Rs 2800
Bees Control Rs 1000 Rs 1300 Rs 1500 Rs 1800 Rs 2000
Lizard Control Rs 700 Rs 1200 Rs 1500 Rs 1800 Rs 2000
Silverfish Control Rs 700 Rs 1100 Rs 1300 Rs 1500 Rs 1700
Tick Control Rs 700 Rs 1100 Rs 1300 Rs 1500 Rs 1700
Bird Netting Rs 1000 Rs 2000 Rs 3000 Rs 4000 Rs 5000
Termite Control Rs 5200 Rs 6200 Rs 7200 Rs 8200 Rs 9200

Guide to Hire the Best Pest Control Services in New Alipore

Having pests on your premises can give you nightmares. Some pests are not only a threat to your health but they also damage your property. If not treated for long, they may harm your furniture or infect your food causing deadly diseases. So, one should take immediate measures to cast away pests from their premises as quickly as possible.

Home remedies work only up to a certain extent. They do not exterminate the source of the infestation. Hence, pests can occur again. To eradicate pests from your property, you should hire a reliable pest control company in New Alipore from the Service Bazaar portal.

Our associated pest control companies in New Alipore provide a full range of pest control services in New Alipore. From cockroach control in New Alipore to mosquito control, rodent control, lizard control, ant control, fly control, bed bugs treatment, or termite control in New Alipore, our specialist pest control agencies will meet your expectations in the best possible way. They do not hesitate to walk the extra mile to give the best pest treatment in New Alipore.

Request free quotes from our verified pest control companies in New Alipore just by filling out a simple enquiry form. Let us know your requirements like the type of infestation, location, and timing. We will connect you with our top 3 pest management companies in New Alipore. Receive quotes and schedule an in-house inspection at your convenience. Compare the quotes and choose the best pest control service provider in New Alipore that fits your preferences. You can also reach us via toll-free number, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms.

Rely on Service Bazaar for Highly Effective Pest Control Solutions

We have been offering residential, industrial, and commercial pest control services in New Alipore since 2006. Our pest control partners are facilitated by highly trained technicians that have the dedication to prudently remove all kinds of pests. Pest control agencies associated with Service Bazaar are fully licensed, experienced, and reputed. We also measure them on ratings and reviews, experience, quality of pesticides they use, and brand credibility.

Our partners provide integrated pest control services in homes, offices, schools, colleges, hospitals, restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs, gyms, shops, and other business establishments. Those who are looking for non-toxic pest treatments can avail of herbal pest control services in New Alipore from our vetted pest specialists.

We, at Service Bazaar, are partnered with the professional and most experienced pest control companies in New Alipore. You will get first-rate service with utmost care and probity. Our associates specialize in all aspects of pest control services setting new trends in eradication methods. To get a clean, fast, and affordable pest control service in New Alipore, call us today and save up to 25% on the treatment cost.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does pest control works for rats?

Pest control for rats is effective but not for longer periods. There is a need for continuous treatments at regular intervals. However, trapping is considered to be the safest and most effective method for rat control.

Is quarterly pest treatment necessary?

It may not be necessary but having a quarterly pest treatment will give you a 100% pest-free environment. You will get protection from recurring pests all year round.

What are the charges for ant control services in New Alipore?

It may range between Rs. 750-1399 depending on the level of infestation.

What is herbal pest control?

Herbal pest control means the regulation of pests using non-chemical methods like lemongrass, Cedarwood, and Garlic oil.

Where can I find the best pest control service provider in New Alipore?

You can search online or visit us at Service Bazaar to book the best pest control company in New Alipore.