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Packers and Movers in Mohali, Punjab

Make a smart move with Service Bazaar’s verified packers and movers in Mohali. Compare rates and save up to 30% on your move!

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List of Top 10 Packers and Movers in Mohali

Finding the right packers and movers in Mohali for a local, intercity, or interstate move is hard. Service Bazaar understands it. So, we help you hire the right company and make your relocation journey effortless. Here you find the top 10 pre-verified packers and movers in Mohali, Punjab. Choose the one and move. Need help to hire the one? Fill out the online form today.

Packers and Movers Rates in Mohali

Local Packers and Movers Charges in Mohali

Different factors like the volume of the goods, the opted services, the moving day, and the floors of existing and new homes will make a difference in the local packers and movers charges in Mohali. So, give transparent information about all to know the estimated costs.

Move Size Labor Charge Packing Cost Transport Cost Total Cost
1 RK Rs. 600 – 700 Rs. 1160 – 2920 Rs. 1740 – 4380 Rs. 3500 – 8000
1 BHK Rs. 1200 – 1400 Rs. 1320 – 4240 Rs. 1980 – 6360 Rs. 4500 – 12000
2 BHK Rs. 2400 – 2800 Rs. 1840 – 5680 Rs. 2760 – 8520 Rs. 7000 – 17000
3 BHK Rs. 3000 – 3500 Rs. 3000 – 7000 Rs. 4500 – 10500 Rs. 10500 – 21000
4 BHK Rs. 3600 – 4200 Rs. 3560 – 8720 Rs. 5340 – 13080 Rs. 12500 – 26000

Domestic Packers and Movers Rates in Mohali

Your move to a new city is called a domestic move. You always need to pay more for a long-distance relocation compared to a local move. Distance, the weight of your belongings, the season of the move, and opted services will make a difference in the packing and moving costs.

Move Type 100 – 350 km 350 – 750 km 750 – 1200 km 1200 – 1700 km 1700 – 2300 km 2300 – 3000 km
1 BHK Rs. 12000 – 22000 Rs. 14500 – 23500 Rs. 16000 – 26000 Rs. 19500 – 28000 Rs. 22000 – 31000 Rs. 24500 – 37500
2 BHK Rs. 16000 – 26000 Rs. 18500 – 29500 Rs. 21000 – 32000 Rs. 24000 – 37000 Rs. 28000 – 41000 Rs. 30000 – 47000
3 BHK Rs. 19000 – 30000 Rs. 22000 – 35000 Rs. 24500 – 39000 Rs. 28500 – 43000 Rs. 33000 – 49000 Rs. 36000 – 56500
4+ BHK/Villa Rs. 23500 – 35500 Rs. 27000 – 40000 Rs. 30000 – 46000 Rs. 35000 – 48500 Rs. 39000 – 56000 Rs. 42000 – 61000
Bike Transport Rs. 2500 – 5800 Rs. 3500 – 7000 Rs. 4500 – 9000 Rs. 6500 – 12000 Rs. 7000 – 12500 Rs. 8000 – 15000
Car Transport Rs. 5500 – 11000 Rs. 7500 – 14000 Rs. 9000 – 17000 Rs. 11000 – 20000 Rs. 13000 – 23000 Rs. 15000 – 26000

Warehousing / Storage Charges in Mohali

The items to store, the size of the boxes, and others will influence the storage costs in Mohali.

Warehousing & Storage Storage Charges Approx. No. of Boxes
1 BHK Household Items Rs. 3,000 per month 20
2 BHK Household Items Rs. 4,000 per month 30
3 BHK Household Items Rs. 5,500 per month 40
4 BHK Household Items Rs. 6,500 per month 50
Small Box Rs. 300 per month NA
Medium Box Rs. 500 per month NA
Large Box Rs. 600 per month NA
Scooter/Bike storage Rs. 800 - 1,500 per month NA
Car storage (Hatchback) Rs. 2,500 - 3,200 per month NA
Car storage (Sedan) Rs. 3,200 - 4,000 per month. NA
Car storage (SUV) Rs. 4,200 - 5,200 per month NA

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How Service Bazaar Helps You Hire the Best Packers and Movers

 Are you planning your next move and looking for the best packers and movers in Mohali? If so, then Service Bazaar helps you out. We get associated with the best companies in the industry. You find us the trustworthy platform for hiring local, intercity, or international relocation companies. We offer our support in every possible way. 

  • We know your needs and analyze them to recommend the best three packing and moving companies in Mohali
  • We provide free price quotes.
  • If you need help to schedule your pre-move survey, then our team will arrange it as well.
  • Assist you in comparing the services and costs to choose the best through us.

Now, you know how we make your hiring process simple. Also, we assure you that you find here only licensed, experienced, and trained companies in the industry. So, there will be no chance to choose a fraud moving company through us. Even our associates offer the best services at affordable costs too. We guarantee you that you will never find such quality services at such low costs.

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Benefits of Hiring Movers and Packers in Mohali

The advantages of hiring movers and packers in Mohali, Punjab are many. They make the transit smoother. You have no stress during the transit. Everything will be organized. So, if you are thinking of handling the packing and moving by yourself, then drop this idea. Take professional support. The benefits behind it are:


You find your stuff moving to the new home safely. They use the best equipment, the right packing materials, and more to shape the move. The bubble wrap, wardrobe boxes, and others will give you the assurance of safer transit of your goods. They also have the training to pack fragile items, bigger furniture, paintings, and more. You can’t get it done the way professionals can. You even find difficulties in arranging the packing materials and more. So, hiring the best movers and packers in Mohali means safer transit for your goods.

Saving time

Hiring the packing and moving company means that you don’t involve yourself in packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, or transporting the goods. The professionals will get it done. It means that you save time. You can use it to update your new address in the bank. You can know the new place well, and more. Is it not great? This is for sure. So, choose the best and leave your relocating responsibilities to them.

Services at your doors

The professionals always offer the services at per your preferred locations. You don’t need to find time to pick those from a place. This is true for your bike relocation as well as car relocation. 


Hiring movers and packers in Mohali is always economical. If you think that hiring them is expensive, then you are wrong. The professional team helps you save money. You get a great deal on packing materials, renting a moving truck, and more. Finding it by you will be impossible. So, to save money, hire the best packing and moving company near you.

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The Services Offered by Packers and Movers in Mohali

Planning your next move? Connect with Service Bazaar to find the best packers and movers in Mohali. After that, shifting home, office, car, bike, or shop will not be harder. If you are not sure of which types of services our professional relocating companies offer, then here you find the information.

Local home relocation services

Home shifting is your next project to accomplish. But don’t have a clue how you make it successful. Connect with Service Bazaar to hire the packing and moving company in Mohali. They will pack your television, fridge, and fragile items in the best possible way. Even they can disassemble and assemble your king-size bed, wardrobes, and more. They make it completely hassle-free for you. They even unpack the stuff and settle you in your new home if you want them to do.

 Office relocation services

Moving office is another tiresome job. We understand this and so help you hire the best office relocating service providers. Here you find the best professionals for local office relocation as well as moving stuff from Mohali to Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Noida, and other cities in India.

 Intercity or interstate relocation services

Risks of intercity, or interstate move are more. Packing fragile items, electrical devices, and others to keep those safe all through the transit will ask for expertise. It even demands techniques for loading and unloading. You find soul-satisfying services from Service Bazaar’s packers and movers.

Car shifting services

Car moving from Mohali to Pune, Ghaziabad and other cities in India is difficult. You must not be okay with a single scratch on your loving vehicle. Service Bazaar feels your emotions and helps you find the best car movers. You want a closed carrier or an open one; you get the options for that as well.

Bike relocation services

You have a sports bike or a regular one; you want a safe relocation of it. And here Service Bazaar is helpful. Our partner companies use advanced tools for safely loading and unloading your bike. We have a long list of the best bike-shifting companies in Mohali. Choose the one and experience a cherished move.

International relocation services

Our international packers and movers shift your belongings from Mohali to Canada, Australia, and other courtiers safely. You don’t need to think of customs clearance. The expert will do the needful. You have no worries. They use the perfect packing materials and modern tools.

Commercial moving services

Our partner commercial packers and movers in Mohali are the best at handling commercial moving. They have the proper training and moving truck to make the shifting successful. You have nothing to worry about.

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Why You Should Trust Service Bazaar

Moving means doing a lot. Planning it well, organizing it as per schedule, and handling the rest will never be a cakewalk for anyone. Yes, it creates stress. Dwindle it by trusting Service Bazaar. We are the most reliable booking portal. We are the favorite of our customers for different reasons and those are:

  • You always find pre-verified movers and packers on our platform. Each of our associates has a license, experience, and training.
  • If you are looking for environment-friendly shifting solutions, then also you can reach us. You find companies on our platform that don’t use plastics and other harmful things that affect nature badly.
  • Our partner companies are flexible. You find them available at your preferred time. So, don’t need to take a break from office duties and all.
  • Our associates always provide transit insurance. They are professionals and take care of the safety all through the move. But still, accidents can happen. So, to protect you from financial hassles, they always want you to take transit insurance.
  • You find the best deal on packing and moving costs in Mohali, Punjab on Service Bazaar. Yes, our associates believe in offering quality services at reasonable costs. They are not money-minded. 

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Why Pre-Move Survey Is Essential

A pre-move survey is always essential. Through this, the packing and moving company gets the details of the things that they need to move. You even share your special requirements. These all help them to estimate the right costs. After that, the chances will be lower to find differences in the moving costs. Customized planning will be possible as well. So, schedule it today and get an idea about the right moving costs and more. It also helps you know your packers and movers better. So, there is no chance of hiring the wrong company.

It also helps you know the exact requirements of packing materials. If your sophisticated items need extra packaging, then arranging them at the last may be impossible. It creates problems. So, to avoid such a situation and determine the requirements of equipment, human resources, and more, the pre-move survey is helpful. No sudden stress will be on a moving day.

So, don’t skip it if you want to experience the safest move. You can schedule an in-home survey. In case you have no time to be at home, go for a virtual survey. Simply, do the video of your belongings that you want to move and share it with the team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a packers and movers company cost in Mohali?

Packers and movers costs in Mohali vary. Distance, the volume of goods, and more will affect the costs. So, to know the estimated charges, you may connect with the best packing and moving company through Service Bazaar and share your requirements.

Is transit insurance compulsory?

No, by law transit insurance is not compulsory. It is recommended that one should take it while shifting individual or commercial moving. You may need to pay 3% of the total costs of the insurable products. But it assures you that if your products get damaged, theft or happened anything else during the transit, then you get reimbursement from the insurance company.

How can I get discounts on packers and movers charges?

Service Bazaar’s packers and movers always offer great discounts on packers and movers charges without compromising quality. So, contact the team now, and get the benefit.

Do I need to pay toll tax?

Yes, you need to pay toll tax. Some companies include it with transportation costs. But some ask for it differently.

What are the main duties of a packer?

Professional packers pack your stuff with the best packing materials for your sophisticated items, furniture, and more. They are also the best in labeling it. These are the main duties of a packer.

Can I add extra pick-up or drop-off locations?

You need to inform this in advance so that we can arrange a suitable moving company for you that can handle this. Here additional charges apply according to your needs.

Is GST applicable on packing and moving charges?

Yes, you need to pay 18% GST if you take packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, and transportation services. If you choose the company only to transport your belongings, then you need to pay 5% GST.

How much do I need to pay as a token amount?

You may need to pay the token amount between 10% and 30%. So, consult the team to know the exact price.

What should I do if something is damaged?

If you take the transit insurance, then connect with the shifting company as soon as possible. In case, the responses are not there, then Service Bazaar is a call away. Reach us with all the documents. If you don’t take insurance and you are pretty sure that the negligence of the moving company is the reason behind the damage but they are not responding after several trying to reach them, then you can connect with us. We will try to resolve it.

Which packing and moving company is the best in Mohali?

Connect with Service Bazaar and share your needs. Depending on those, you get the best three references of packing and moving companies in Mohali with price quotes, absolutely free. You can check the services and compare the costs. This helps you know the best packing and moving company in Mohali.

Can I get storage services as my new home is not ready yet?

Service Bazaar’s packers and movers have safe storage spaces where you can put your furniture and more. So, avail it till the time your new home is not ready.


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