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Packers and Movers in Delhi

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Packers and Movers Delhi: Compare Rates and Save Up to 30%

Gone are the days when people used to hire any service provider to get their work done. Nowadays, they are choosy and are looking for the best packers and movers in Delhi and value-for-money services. This is why Service Bazaar has gained traction in recent times.

It is one of the best platforms for hiring the best packers and movers in Delhi at a price starting from just Rs. 4,000. Here you will find genuine information on top-notch moving companies along with the services they offer. Here you can compare reviews, rates, and services. This will help you save up to 30% on moving costs.

Top 10 Packers and Movers in Delhi List

Moving is a time-consuming process. Most people don’t have that much time. That’s why the best option is to hire professional packers and movers in Delhi to do the job for you. Here is the list of the top 10 packers and movers in Delhi, you will definitely not find it on Google.

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Packers and Movers Services in Delhi

Moving is no easy feat, especially if you have a lot of things. The idea of packing up your entire life into boxes and putting it on a truck is enough to make anyone anxious. On the other hand, moving from one place to another is easy and hassle-free if you employ one of the best packers and movers in Delhi. Service Bazaar is the best online platform through which you can easily find a reliable mover in your budget. If you are in need of the best movers and packers in Delhi, here are the top 7 services to look for.

1. House shifting services: The house shifting process is time-consuming and complicated. Hiring a professional house shifting service will make the process easier. In the process, the experts will efficiently pack your belongings and transfer them safely to your new home.

2. Office shifting services: Like home shifting, office shifting is also a complicated process. A prolonged office relocation can hamper your business. Therefore, you must hire a professional office shifting service to make the process as smooth as possible. The best packers and movers in Delhi will efficiently perform office relocation and transfer your belongings to your office.

3. Vehicle transportation services: If you want to move your vehicle (car or bike) from Delhi to another Indian city, then hiring the best packers and movers in Delhi is the right choice. A good moving company will move your car or bike with the utmost care using the right equipment and vehicle carrier. Whether you want to hire a car transportation service or bike transportation service, Service Bazaar is the right platform to hire the same.

4. Pet relocation services: Professional moving companies also offer pet relocation services to customers who want to transport their pets (dogs, cats, etc.) from Delhi to another city. Top-notch packers and movers in Delhi also offer international pet moving services

5. Warehousing & storage services: When moving, many people also need storage of their possessions. In fact, warehousing is an integral part of relocation and most moving companies in Delhi offer warehousing & storage services to their customers. Movers and packers from Delhi that are listed on Service Bazaar also offer storage services for household items, commercial goods, and vehicles.

6. International relocation services: Delhi Packers and Movers that are listed on Service Bazaar also offer international relocation services. If you planning for international relocation from Delhi, then you can count on Service Bazaar to hire the best international moving company in Delhi at an affordable price.

7. Luggage transport services: Luggage transport services offered by packers and movers in Delhi are a great aid for people who want to transport a few items, bags, or luggage from Delhi to another Indian city or abroad. Service Bazaar will help you find the best luggage transport service provider in Delhi at a reasonable cost.

How to Protect Yourself from Fraud Packers and Movers

Packers and Movers Charges in Delhi

Nothing comes free in this world. You need to pay money to buy a product, hire a service, watch a movie, book a holiday ticket, and eat food in a restaurant. Everything has a price. Similarly, you will have to pay the price for hiring professional packers and movers services in Delhi.

How much does a mover cost? Knowing the packers and movers rates in advance is imperative as it helps you create a moving budget. If you don’t have a correct idea of shifting charges, then you may get into financial trouble. You may end up with an expensive moving service.

So, what are packers and movers charges in Delhi? The cost of hiring moving services is not set in stone. It will depend on relocation type, size of move, distance to be travelled in transit, packing materials, season & timing of the move, manpower, and the type of truck. Other factors can also influence the rates for shifting services. You may also see price differences from one company to another.

Because of these factors, it is not possible to predict the exact cost of hiring movers and packers in Delhi. However, you can know the approximate charges by using Service Bazaar’s packers and movers cost calculator.

To give you an idea of the estimates of packers and movers, we have created price charts. Have a look at the following price charts.

Charges for Local House Shifting in Delhi

Distance/Size of Home Up to 12 Km 13 – 30 Km 31+ Km
1 BHK Rs 4,000 – 7,000 Rs 6,000 – 10,000 Rs 7,000 – 11,000
2 BHK Rs 6,500 – 10,000 Rs 8,000 – 14,000 Rs 10,000 – 16,000
3 BHK Rs 10,000 – 14,000 Rs 13,000 – 18,000 Rs 15,000 – 20,000
4 or 5 BHK Rs 12,000 – 18,000 Rs 14,000 – 20,000 Rs 18,000 – 25,000

Rates for Intercity Home Relocation from Delhi

Move Type/Distance 100 – 350 km 350 – 750 km 750 – 1200 km 1200 – 1700 km 1700 – 2300 km 2300 – 3000 km
1 BHK Rs. 11,000 – 21,000 Rs. 13,500 – 22,500 Rs. 15,500 – 25,500 Rs. 18,500 – 27,000 Rs. 21,000 – 30,000 Rs. 23,500- 36,700
2 BHK Rs. 15,000 – 25,000 Rs. 17,500 – 28,500 Rs. 20,000 – 31,000 Rs. 23,000 – 36,000 Rs. 27,000 – 40,000 Rs. 29,300 – 46,000
3 BHK Rs. 18,000 – 30,000 Rs. 21,000 – 34,000 Rs. 23,500 – 38,000 Rs. 27,500 – 42,000 Rs. 32,000 – 48,000 Rs. 35,000 – 55,500
4+ BHK/Villa Rs. 22,500 – 34,500 Rs. 26,000 – 39,000 Rs. 29,000 – 45,000 Rs. 34,000 – 47,500 Rs. 38,000 – 55,000 Rs. 41,000 – 60,000

Costs of Bike & Car Transportation from Delhi

Vehicle Type/Distance 100 – 350 km 350 – 750 km 750 – 1200 km 1200 – 1700 km 1700 – 2300 km 2300 – 3000 km
4-Wheeler (Car) Rs. 5,500 – 11,000 Rs. 7,500 – 14,000 Rs. 9,000 – 17,000 Rs. 11,000 – 20,000 Rs. 13,000 – 23,000 Rs. 15,000 – 26,000
2-Wheeler (Bike) Rs. 2,800 – 5,800 Rs. 3,500 – 7,000 Rs. 4,500 – 9,000 Rs. 6,500 – 12,000 Rs. 7,000 – 12,500 Rs. 8,000 – 15,000

Warehousing & Storage Costs in Delhi

Warehousing & Storage Storage Charges Approx. No. of Boxes
1 BHK Household Items Rs. 3,000 per month 20
2 BHK Household Items Rs. 4,000 per month 30
3 BHK Household Items Rs. 5,500 per month 40
4 BHK Household Items Rs. 6,500 per month 50
Small Box Rs. 300 per month NA
Medium Box Rs. 500 per month NA
Large Box Rs. 600 per month NA
Scooter/Bike storage Rs. 800 – 1,500 per month NA
Car storage (Hatchback) Rs. 2,500 – 3,200 per month NA
Car storage (Sedan) Rs. 3,200 – 4,000 per month. NA
Car storage (SUV) Rs. 4,200 – 5,200 per month NA

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Count on Service Bazaar to Hire the Best Packers and Movers in Delhi

Moving from one place to another can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you are moving your entire life to a place, you don’t even know. Packing up your belongings and moving them across the city or country can cost a lot of money and create a lot of stress. It is even more stressful when you think about how you’re going to get all of your belongings from one place to another.

But it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. If you don’t hire the right moving company, you might end up having to pay massive fees to get your things back, or worse, you might lose them forever. That’s why you need to hire the right team of highly experienced packers and movers in Delhi.

To protect your belongings against damage and fraud, you must consider hiring the best packers and movers in Delhi. You can also consider hiring packers and movers in Gurgaon, Noida, and Faridabad for relocation services in Delhi. Many moving companies cover the entire NCR with their services and also have their offices in different locations in NCR. Service Bazaar will help you choose the right one for your budget. By booking a reliable relocation service through this portal, you will also save a lot of time and money.

Do not think about the credibility of the movers and packers you will hire through this portal. We have done all the research work beforehand. We have checked their experience, reputation, license, transport permit, company registration, background, GST registration, PAN, Aadhaar, and other credentials. Therefore, you will always get the best quality relocation service by choosing us to hire professional moving and packing companies in Delhi.

What’s more? Share the details of your move with us today. Receive free quotations from the top three pre-verified Delhi packers and movers. Compare shifting charges and offerings. Then, make an informed decision on selecting the best movers and packers in Delhi. That’s all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Service Bazaar to hire packers and movers in Delhi?

When moving, you not only want your belongings to reach their new home, but also you want to be able to rely on movers to help you pack, unpack, and arrange your belongings. If choose Service Bazaar, we will connect you with the top three pre-verified packers and movers in Delhi. Then, you can select the right one in your budget. Our verified movers will take care of everything for you. That’s why we are the best choice for many people to hire the best packers and movers in Delhi.

What is the average cost of hiring packers and movers in Delhi?

When you’re moving from one place to another, you realize that it’s a big, costly undertaking. Moving companies in Delhi are the best way to cut your stress level in half, but you want to make sure you budget for it properly. Therefore, it is crucial to know the approximate charges for relocation services in Delhi.

On average, the packers and movers costs in Delhi are around Rs. 4,000-11,000 for a 1 BHK home shifting, Rs. 6,500-16,000 for a 2 BHK home shifting, and Rs. 10,000-20,000 for a 3 BHK home shifting requirement.

What are the factors that influence charges for relocation services?

Several factors influence the relocation charges. The main cost-affecting factors are as follows:

  • Total weight and volume of goods that you want to shift
  • Type of items you want to shift. Fragile items may attract higher charges.
  • Distance between your current place and destination—the greater the distance, the higher the price.
  • Packing materials required in the packaging of your belongings. Waterproof packaging or special items packaging may increase the costs.
  • Season & timing of relocation. Moving in the peak season or on holidays and weekends can be expensive.
  • Manpower involvement and time taken in handling the shifting process
  • Experience and brand value of packers and movers you will employ on your move.

How can I minimize the cost of hiring relocation services in Delhi?

You know well that the total weight & volume of goods is one of the main factors that affect the packing and moving charges. If you can reduce the loads, then you can save a considerable amount of money. Downsizing your home will help you. Get rid of any item that you do not use or do not want to use in the future. Donate or sell old stuff you no longer need. Some other ways to reduce relocation charges are as follows:

  • Pack your belongings on your own.
  • Find free boxes from your local grocery stores, chemists, supermarkets, etc.
  • Use packing supplies that you already have, such as old newspapers, old clothes, linens, etc.
  • Avoid moving on weekends or holidays.
  • Avoid moving on the first or last week of a month.
  • Keep track of all your moving expenses.
  • Use a packers and movers cost calculator to estimate charges in advance.
  • Collect packers and movers estimates from multiple companies to compare the rates.
  • Negotiate with packers and movers to lower their charges. Ask for discounts.

Is it essential to hire packers and movers for house shifting?

Yes, it is essential to hire professional packers and movers in Delhi for a safe and hassle-free house shifting feat. The process of shifting is risky, challenging, and time-consuming. To avoid trouble and make the process hassle-free, hiring professional packing and moving services is always the best way.

What documents are required for bike & car transportation?

Documents needed for bike/car transportation are driving license, RC, pollution certificate, and insurance paper.

What is the GST rate for hiring Delhi packers and movers?

The GST rate on hiring Delhi packers and movers is 18% for full-moving services and 5% for transport-only services.

What is the moving insurance coverage?

Moving insurance coverage is a policy that covers the risk of damage to goods in transit. Most moving companies in Delhi offer insurance coverage to their customers.

What is the fee for moving insurance coverage?

The fee for moving insurance coverage will be 3% of the total value of the declared items in transit.

How early should I plan to move?

You should plan your move at least 3-4 weeks before the moving date.

What things are not allowed in the transport?

Professional packers and movers will not transport hazardous or inflammable items. Perishables are not allowed when moving.

Which day is good to move to a new house?

According to Hindu Calendar, Thursday is an auspicious day for moving into a new home.