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Moving to Cape Town from India

Compare the charges of the 3 best international packers and movers through Service Bazaar and save up to 30% while moving to Cape Town from India.

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Hire the Best Services for Moving to Cape Town, South Africa from India

Shifting houses is not an uncommon occurrence in our lives. People move from smaller houses to bigger ones in their vicinity to upgrade their living space. But people consider moving intercity or overseas in search of exponential growth in their career and lifestyle. But any move within the country is simpler to execute than a cross-border move. Not only the distance of the move but also the elaborate shipping protocols and finances involved, make international moves a challenging affair. But as you are considering moving to Cape Town from India, you should proceed only if you have a secure job in the city. You should also have sufficient financial backup to keep you provided in your initial days. Do not try to conduct a self-move while moving overseas to avoid the betwixt intricacies. Hire a dependable and experienced international moving company from Service Bazaar.

While moving to Cape Town, South Africa from India, you should choose a date for the move which is at least 4 to 6 months later than the current date. Fix a moving budget to allocate your finances without disrupting your usual expenses. Start preparing for the move without any delay. Schedule your preparations by creating a moving checklist. Get rid of the unnecessary items in your house to make your move compact and light. It will help you to restrict the weight of your goods within the allotted weight limit for international shipments. You need to declare the category of goods, weight, and delivery address of the shipment. You also need to ensure that your shipment can clear the customs procedure. But you cannot oversee the entire shipping process on your own. You need expert help from international packing and shipping companies from Service Bazaar.

Service Bazaar is a versatile online portal that has partnered with prominent packers and movers in the entire country as our vendors. Our vendors are adept at carrying out domestic and international moves with equal conviction. You do not need to worry about their authenticity as we verify their credentials before placing them on our platform. All our international moving companies are IBA-approved, GST registered and has a company trade license and PAN card. The staff members undergo rigorous training sessions before starting their on-field job. They are equipped with premium-quality packing and moving supplies to ease the overseas relocation process. They are aware of international shipping norms and will help you in packing, moving, and getting your shipment approved in the customs department. You do not have to feel tense about the complex process if you hire our professionals.

Our international moving companies deliver your shipment to your doorstep at the scheduled time. We assure the safety of your goods on the go by offering you moving insurance. If there is any loss or damage to your goods while moving to Cape Town from India, our international movers will compensate your losses without any delay.

For moving to Cape Town from India, you need to go through quite a few rounds of the corroboration process. You need to produce a series of documents and credentials for the same. Some of the documents are:

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Work permit for Cape Town
  • Job offer letter from your employer in Cape Town
  • Identity proof
  • Recent passport-size photographs
  • Medical records and prescriptions
  • Vaccination certificates
  • Academic certificates
  • Work experience letter
  • Pay slips from the previous employer

How to Book Our Services While Moving to Cape Town, South Africa from India

While moving to Cape Town, South Africa from India, you need to hire an international moving company from a reliable platform like Service Bazaar. It is quite simple to book our services. You need to visit our website and fill in the enquiry form. You can also place your enquiry by sending us an email or by calling our helpline number. We will get back to you within a few minutes with the verified details of the 3 best international packing and shipping companies in your local area. Call them and ask them to perform a pre-move survey. After inspection of your household items, they will hand you their approximate quotations. Compare their quotations to choose the most affordable international moving company. You can save up to 30% on the entire deal.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an international relocation to Cape Town from India cost?

The cost of an international relocation varies according to the distance of the move, the size of the move, and the time of the move. Also, the company’s reputation and the quality of services cause variations in the rates. You should get their price estimates to be aware of their charges.

Does your portal charge extra for providing the contact details of international moving companies?

No, our portal does not charge any money for providing you with the details of international moving companies.

Do you charge for a pre-move survey while moving from India to Cape Town?

No, we do not charge for a pre-move survey for moving to Cape Town from India. It is free of cost service.