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House Painting Services

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Welcome to Service Bazaar—your one-stop destination for professional house painting services. We understand the importance of a well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing home. This is why we offer safe, hassle-free, and premium-quality painting services.

When it comes to house painting, it's not just about splashing colours on your walls. It requires meticulous planning, preparation, and expertise to achieve flawless results. That's where our team of top-rated house painters comes in. We partner with top-notch house painters across India. By partnering with top-notch professionals, we ensure the best house painting services.

Our partners offer an extensive range of painting services. From sanding and applying putty to priming and flawless paint application, our experts do their job best. They take care of every aspect to deliver smooth and stunning walls.  They deeply understand colour schemes, paint types, and finishes. This allows them to provide expert advice tailored to your style and preferences.

Choosing professional house painters also brings cost-saving benefits. Our experienced painters minimise wastage. They accurately estimate the required amount of paint for your project. This saves you money on unnecessary purchases. Moreover, you won't have to invest in expensive painting equipment. Our painters bring their own tools to ensure a hassle-free experience for you. The most common tools they use are brushes, ladders, paint sprays, and rollers, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

We understand that cleanliness is of utmost importance to you. Our dedicated house painters beautify your home and focus on cleanliness. They take necessary precautions to protect your furniture and belongings from spills and marks. Once the job is complete, they ensure your space is tidy and spotless.

At Service Bazaar, we cater to both residential and commercial painting needs. Whether you have a 1-2 BHK apartment, a sprawling 5 BHK house, or even an office space, our painters are equipped to handle projects of all sizes. From interior painting to exterior facelifts, our services cover a wide range of requirements. We can also arrange painters for office spaces, retail stores, hotels, and educational institutes.

So why wait? Experience the difference of professional house painting services with Service Bazaar. Request a free quotation today and compare rates from the top three painters in your city. With our reliable and skilled house painting professionals, you can transform your space into a beautiful and personalised haven that reflects your style and personality. Trust us to deliver exceptional results and make your house truly feel like home.

Advantages of Professional House Painting Services

House painting is not a fun chore. You have no idea about the colour scheme and don’t know how to colour the walls of your house. If you will try to paint the walls of your house on your own, you may end up with patchy wall colours rather than nice-looking walls. So, it is always best to employ professional house painters to accomplish the goal and ensure the perfect wall painting.

There are several advantages of hiring professional house painters. Key benefits are as follows:

  • House painting is more than splashing paints on your walls. A lot of prior work goes with the process of professional house painting. If you employ professional wall painting services, then house painters will do several other tasks such as sanding, applying putty, priming, and so on. This will result in smooth and nice-looking walls.
  • Expert house painters know the right color schemes and will suggest you the right wall color to suit your style and personality. That’s not all. They are also knowledgeable and deeply understand the different paints and finishes. Whether you want interior house painting or exterior house painting, only professional painters will give you the right advice.
  • Professional house painters are experts for good reasons. They know their work well and do a painting your house walls with minimal wastage. They can tell you the amount of house paints required for your home in advance. Thus, they will also reduce the costs of house paints.
  • If you hire professional house painting services, then you will not have to purchase painting gears and brushes. House painters will bring their own tools such as brushes, ladders, paint sprays, rollers, mechanical sprays, etc.
  • Cleanliness of your home after the painting work is crucial. Professionals house painters will not only paint your home but also clean the floor and furniture. They will take utmost care and necessary measures to keep your house clean and safe from spills and marks.

Painting Services by the Service Bazaar

Thanks to our partner house painters in the Indian cities, we at the Service Bazaar offer painting services for both—residential buildings and commercial establishments. You can hire our painters for the following services:

  • 1-2 BHK house painting services
  • 3 BHK house painting services
  • 4 BHK house painting services
  • 5 BHK house painting services
  • House interior painting services
  • House exterior painting services
  • Office painting services
  • Retail store painting services
  • Hospital painting services
  • Hotel painting services
  • Educational institute painting services

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Frequently Asked Questions

What things should I look for while hiring a house painter near me?

Always check if the house painting companies are licensed and qualified or not. The crew members must be knowledgeable, trained, and professional. Before hiring one, check the company’s license, experience, and capability of completing the work. Else, you will face a lot of issues. The painters might leave you midway. To prevent this, consider hiring a reputable painter near you through a reliable portal like Service Bazaar.

How long will it take to complete the painting job?

It depends on the type and size of your apartment. Normally, house painters take 3-5 days to paint the entire interior of the house. And, take a maximum of 10 days to paint the exterior of the house. However, the size of the house matters a lot for the time it will take to complete the painting job.

What are the different types of paint finishes that I can go with for my house?

The different types of paint finishes are – matte finish, eggshell finish, satin finish, semi-gloss, and gloss. You can go with whatever suits your preference and budget.

How long the interior and exterior paints will last?

Well, it depends on the type of paint you have chosen. Different brands last differently. But, you can consider a highly branded paint that lasts a minimum of 7-8 years. A normal-quality paint will last for 3-4 years.

How will I know which paint will suit the interior and exterior walls of my house?

Exter house painters will visit your house to examine your place. They will inspect the place professionally to see for any peeling and other problems. Based on this, they will suggest all from the color to the finish, to help you select the right paint for your house.

Why should I hire house painters through Service Bazaar for my painting project?

Everyone wants to hire extensively trained and professional house painters for their painting projects and Service Bazaar brings them directly to your place. Right from the comfort of your house, you can select a professional house painting company near you.