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Disinfection and Sanitization


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Covid-19 has hugely impacted our lives. We all have become more cautious about cleanliness and hygiene. Post Covid-19, there is a new normal for many things. Sanitizing or disinfecting has been a part of our lives. We have adopted a new normal for the way we work, interact, travel, and shop. Due to the fear factor, there is a need for sanitized and disinfected homes, offices, and commercial spaces at all times.

Cleaning the home or office on daily basis is indeed a good habit, but it is not enough to give us a healthy and virus-free environment to live in. This is why sanitization and disinfection services for home and commercial spaces are in high demand. There are many professional sanitizing and disinfecting services providing companies that can meet your requirements for sanitization or disinfection of your home and office.

 At the Service Bazaar, we believe that your home or office must be sanitized or disinfected by the use of certified and hospital-grade sanitizers or disinfectants and the work of trained professionals. If you really want the best home sanitization or office disinfection service, then you must book a credible professional.

At the Service Bazaar, we have made associations with top-notch companies that specialize in sanitizing and disinfecting services. Whether you need service for home sanitization, office sanitization, or disinfection of any commercial space; our trained professionals will make things differently. You will get the highest standard of sanitizing & disinfecting service at an affordable price.

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Our associates will help make your homes, offices, shops, schools, restaurants, colleges, and other spaces completely safe and hygienic. The booking of the best home or office sanitization service through this portal is easy. All you need to do is fill out a simple enquiry form available at this portal. Once we will receive your query, we will connect you with the top 3 sanitization & disinfection experts available in your city. The trained professionals will visit your site to analyze the area to be serviced. Subsequently, they will give you the price estimates for the service you will require. We recommend you thoroughly compare the rates from our recommended professionals. This will help you pick the best home sanitization/disinfection professional at a reasonable cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between sanitization and disinfection?

Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting are often mistaken for the same meaning. However, there’s a basic difference between sanitization and disinfection. If you want to remove dirt and lower the germs to a safe level, then you use sanitization services. And, when you completely want to remove dirt and bacteria from the surfaces then you use disinfection services.

What safety measures are taken by professionals during a disinfection service?

All the professional disinfectors associated with Service Bazaar have extensive safety procedures in place. They have trained their employees to take precautionary measures. They wear proper uniforms and personal protective equipment while disinfecting hospitals, hotels, restaurants, offices, schools, or homes. Do not worry about anything as they are extensively trained in handling.

How long does a disinfection or sanitization service take?

Both sanitization and disinfection services take time. Mainly the time depends on the type and size of your building and treatment area. However, your property can be in use again just after 30 mins of the disinfection once everything gets dry.

How much does the service of sanitization and disinfection cost?

Sanitizing or disinfecting service charges vary from company to company. While estimating the charges for disinfecting your commercial or residential space, the technicians will consider the size of the area, manpower required, customer’s requirements, type of service required, and facilities.

How often does sanitizing or disinfecting service need to be carried out?

Well, this depends on what type of business and building you have. Hospitals, schools, hotels, and restaurants should disinfect regularly. And if not then, one must get it sanitized the building for the safety of the patients, guests, and customers.

How can I book sanitization and disinfection services through Service Bazaar?

It’s very simple, you just have to share your requirements with us by filling out a query form and submitting it with your contact details. Instantly, you will receive a call from us to share the details and estimates of the three best service providers near you.