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Carpet Beetle Control Services

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Hire Carpet Beetle Control Services Near You Through Service Bazaar

Carpet beetles are 4 mm long with oval-shaped bodies, and a shell on their back which is colourful. As their name suggests, they are most prevalent in carpets, clothes, winter wear, etc. The young ones feed on wool, fabric, leather, hair, and pet fur while the adults feed on plants and flowers. Carpet beetle causes severe damage to our clothes, winter wear, blankets, carpets, upholstery, etc. If you do not check their influx, you will not be able to hold back their infestation and they will establish their offspring in every corner of your house.

Therefore, you need professional pest management services to carry out residential pest control services or commercial pest control services. You should seek expert help to find out the most effective pest control services at the most affordable prices. Service bazaar is going to help you through and through in this matter.

Why you should hire carpet beetle control services through Service Bazaar

Service Bazaar is a well-thought-out online platform that connects our clientele to the trained and experienced service providers who are our vendors. Our vendors are located in all the major cities of India and you can hire our service providers from any part of India. We verify the identity and credentials of our vendors beforehand so that there is no question about their authenticity. We offer you authentic, effective, and affordable services.

When you want to get rid of the pests like carpet beetles, you can entrust us to find you the 3 best pest control companies. We make sure that they are located in your nearby area and are available at the lowest prices. The pest control technicians from Service Bazaar are competent and experienced. They do a free site inspection to detect the pest problem. Post inspection, they will give you a treatment plan and discuss their charges for the same. You can compare the charges of the 3 pest control companies and save up to 30%.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do carpet beetles bite?

No, carpet beetles don’t bite and do not attack human beings in a direct way. They destroy the belongings in the house.

What is the cost of booking pest control services for removing Carpet beetles from a 4 BHK flat through Service Bazaar?

The cost of booking pest control services for removing Carpet beetles from a 4BHK flat through Service Bazaar is 1,500 INR.

Are carpet beetles harmful to pets?

Carpet beetles do not bite or suck blood from the body of pets. However, they damage the fur of the pets leaving them with bald patches on their body.

How to get naturally rid of carpet beetles?

You can sprinkle baking soda on the carpet beetles to dehydrate and kill them. You can also prepare a mixture of white vinegar or ACV with water and spray it on the affected areas through a spray bottle.