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Car Towing Companies

Compare the charges of the top three towing companies and save up to 25% on car/bike towing services.

Rely on Service Bazaar for the Best Bike & Car Towing Services

Are you looking for a car towing service near you? If yes, your search ends here at Service Bazaar — a trusted portal for hiring car towing services in India. Whether you want a car towing service for your car in Delhi or Kolkata, we will help you find the best car towing service provider near you.

Why do you need to call a car towing service provider? Suppose, you are going to your office in your car. Unfortunately, your car breaks down on the way. There is no car mechanic there. What will you do in this situation? How will you get your car back to your home or a car mechanic shop? This is where a car towing service comes into the picture. A car towing service provider will take your car and bring it back to your home, office, or mechanic shop. This is how a car towing service provider helps you in situations like these.

There are many things that you should know about car towing services in India before you call one. This will ensure that you are able to avoid any problems later on. One of the main things that you should keep in mind is the credibility of the car towing service provider. You must allow only the best car towing service provider to take care of your car. An inexperienced one can cause damage to your vehicle. Some companies may also heavily charge you for the service.

So, how will you find the best car towing service provider near you? Do not fret. We at Service Bazaar are here to help you. To help you find the best service provider, we have made associations with several top-notch car towing service providers in different Indian cities. Our partners are licensed, registered, and credible companies. They have the right car towing vehicles and cranes to handle any car towing job.

The process of booking the best car towing service provider through Service Bazaar is straightforward. All you need to do is tell us your concern regarding car towing services. After that, we will connect you with the top 3 companies. Our recommended car towing service providers will contact you with free quotes. Then, you can compare the charges and select the right one for your budget.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the charges for car towing services?

The car towing charges depend on many factors, such as the distance to be covered, the weight of the car, and the urgency of the case. A good towing company will charge you around Rs. 1,000 onwards.

What are the types of towing services?

Top towing services in India offer a variety of services. The popular services offered by towing companies are as follows:

  • Car flatbed towing services
  • Bike flatbed towing services
  • Car lifting towing services
  • Bike lifting towing services

How much will a towing company charge for a bike towing service?

A towing company will charge you Rs. 500 onwards for a bike towing service.

Can I avail of a bike or car towing service in case of a road accident?

Of course, you can avail of a bike or car towing service in case of a road accident or vehicle breakdown.