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Car Rentals in Faridabad

Compare the top 3 car rentals in your area and save up to 30% on car rentals in Faridabad.

Rely on Service Bazaar to Find Car Rentals in Faridabad

Renting a car has been on the rise for the past few years. People a few years back did not know much about renting a car. But nowadays renting a car has become a very easy process. You just need to book a consultation with the car rental companies and then select the one which fits all your requirements. Renting a car is a very good option if you want to go on a long trip with friends and family or explore a new place.

But as car rental services are very much known to everyone now, there are many companies available. Choosing one from these companies is not an easy task. That is why you should consult Service Bazaar. We will recommend to you the top 3 car rental companies in your area. We tie up with the top car rentals in Faridabad. Due to so many choices we shortlist only the top 3 as per your requirements.

We are very particular about the companies we tie up with. That is why we run a verification check on the companies before we engage with them. We check their documents to know they are genuine and experienced in their work. Many people think that renting a car is expensive. But the cost of a car rental depends on many things like the type of car you will rent and the duration as well. That is why it may seem a little over the budget. But car rentals are not expensive.

If you want to rent a car on a budget then you can contact Service Bazaar. We will make sure of your requirements and then recommend you top car rentals in Faridabad. You can visit our website and fill in an inquiry form mentioning all your requirements. After that, we will recommend you top 3 car rentals in your area. You can compare and select the company which you like.

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Taxi or Car Rental? Which is the better option?

Travelling is one of the most fun things that people like to do. And nowadays people prefer to travel by car due to comfort. Comfort is the main reason why people want to travel by car. There are two options by which we can travel- taxi and Car. There are many advantages and disadvantages of both modes. Let us get into which is the better option between taxi and car rental.

Freedom: A rented car will allow you to have more freedom of traveling. You can visit anywhere at any time with a rented car. You can easily explore the place and stop anywhere you want. There may be some emergency due to which you can cancel your travel spree and return. You will not have to depend on anyone while traveling because you will be in charge. Renting a car will give you more ease of traveling from one place to another.

But if you are going to hire a taxi. Then you will have to depend on the taxi driver. Many times, a taxi driver can get late as well. You might require to travel to places for a whole day and many taxi services do not provide services for a whole day. You will be restricted to travel according to the taxi.

Cost: Then comes the cost of the taxi and car rental services. The cost of car rental looks expensive but if we calculate the actual cost then it will not be expensive. The cost of the car rental will depend on many things like the type of car you will be renting, and the duration of the car rental. Sometimes the car rentals also add the fuel cost because they will provide you with a car with a full tank. You will just have to pay once for the car rental and then you are on your way.

Hiring a taxi will be more expensive. Because if you require to travel for a whole day the cost will be according to that. And if you switch from one taxi to another according to place, then the cost will be very expensive. You will have to pay as much time as you will book or hire a taxi. It can be very pocket-drilling.

Privacy: When traveling with friends and family we all want privacy. No matter where we go, we all want some private space in the vehicle we travel from. Renting a car will provide you with privacy. By renting a car you will be in charge of your journey and can travel easily on your terms. You can crack jokes, sleep, eat and talk about anything in the car.

If you hire a taxi then you will be conscious of the driver in the car. You might feel a little shy to talk freely with your family and friends. Not everyone can talk freely in front of a stranger. If you have a full trip planned then due to the driver you might not be able to enjoy the travel spree. The taxi driver may also get along with your jokes and some people might not like it.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a car rental cost in Faridabad?

The car rental in Faridabad will cost you 4k to 6k per day. The price mentioned here is just an estimation because it may vary from one company to another. The price of the car rental will depend on the type of car you rent, the duration, and much more. If you want to rent an affordable car then you should contact Service Bazaar. We will recommend you top 3 car rentals in Faridabad.

Can we rent a car for a longer period?

Yes, you can rent a car for a longer period. Many companies provide rental cars for a long period. You just need to ask about the timing of the car rental with the company.

What is a better option between a car rental and a taxi?

Between taxi and car rental, a rented car is a better option if you want privacy and traveling freedom. But if you do not know how to drive or are traveling to a nearby place then you can book a taxi.