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Camera on Rent in Pune

Compare the top 3 camera rentals in Pune to rent a DSLR camera, video camera, or equipment at an affordable price.

DSLR Camera, Video Camera, and Camera Equipment on Rent in Pune

Photography is one of the most spectacular inventions by the human race that has been developing for ages and is still under process to achieve betterment. No doubt a photograph or a snippet of a recorded video has so much power that it can make you travel time and live that particular moment over and over again. It is the best way to behold nostalgia in a frame. A photograph or a video clip helps you to preserve meaningful moments with your loved ones. The advent of the professional quality of DSLR cameras and movie cameras has changed the perspective of photography and videography in the world. Every shutterbug wants to own a professional camera to render a different dimension to their efforts.

The reason why everyone wants to possess a professional DSLR camera or a movie camera is that these cameras can capture the subject with better clarity with high resolution. When you edit these images or videos, you can create magic after developing them further. These cameras rule the professional world and fashion photographers, product photographers, photojournalists, DOPs in the film and television industry, etc., use these DSLR cameras and movie cameras. But a DSLR camera or a movie camera alone cannot produce the required outputs unless backed up with the right kind of accessories and equipment. Some of the most important accessories and equipment required by the professionals are:

  • Prime Lens
  • Zoom Lens
  • Tripod Stand
  • Lights
  • Reflectors
  • Backdrops
  • Backdrop Holder
  • Camera Strap
  • Camera Bag
  • Storage Device
  • Editing Software

Buying each of the aforesaid accessories and equipment along with the professional camera is a pricey affair. You need to spend a lot of money on the same unnecessarily. Instead, you can rent the entire ensemble at a much lower price. But to rent these commodities from a trusted source, you need expert recommendations. Service Bazaar will provide you with expert recommendations to find the most dependable service providers in Pune. Service Bazaar is an online portal that has all the distinguished service providers listed with us who provide cameras for rent in Pune. You can book your services and fulfil your requirements at the most affordable rates.

Booking services through Service Bazaar is very simple and you can do it in different ways. You can place an enquiry by calling our toll-free number 1800 11 6878 or you can send us an email at You can even log in to our website and fill up the enquiry form provided on the home page and place your enquiry. We respond to your enquiry within minutes and connect you to the 3 most remarkable service providers who can rent you a complete professional camera set-up in Pune at the most affordable prices. You can compare their rates and save up to 30%.

Advantages of Renting a Camera in Pune

If you are a photography enthusiast or a professional in photography, you need a professional DSLR camera. If you are into videography, you will need a professional movie camera. But these cameras come at expensive rates. Again, you cannot simply buy the camera and get the expected results unless you buy some of the accessories with it. When you pair up these accessories and equipment with the camera, you get the desired results. But the total price of the camera and the entire kit is something that you will never desire to spend. It costs an exorbitant amount. But instead of spending this unrealistic amount, you can act practical and get a camera on rent in Pune along with all the accessories and equipment that you need.

Why You Should Rent Camera Equipment through Service Bazaar

Service Bazaar is the bridge that connects you to the prominent service providers in Pune who are at the top of their game. They have all the models of DSLR cameras, video cameras, accessories, and equipment facilities. We thoroughly check the whereabouts and credentials of our vendors before doing business with them. Therefore, you get to interact with those service providers in Pune who are authentic and they offer cameras for rent at reasonable prices. As you enquire to get a camera on rent in Pune, we send you the verified details of the 3 best choices that are located in your vicinity and fit your budget. When you compare the charges of the 3 service providers, you can further save up to 30% on the entire deal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which lenses are needed for wedding photography in India?

In Indian weddings, you need to have these 5 types of lenses to capture the best moments. You need:

  • 100mm macro to capture things in detail.
  • 50 mm prime lens for capturing the portraits even in low-light conditions creating great depth of field.
  • 70-200 mm zoom lens for capturing candid moments.
  • 16-35 mm zoom lens for capturing wide-angle shots of the venue.
  • 85 mm prime lens for capturing mid-length portraits.

What is the price for renting a DSLR camera in Pune for a day with a 24-70 mm zoom lens?

Renting a DSLR camera will cost you 1,000 INR per day in Pune. If you include a 24-70 mm zoom lens, it will cost you 1,500 INR more a day.

Is there any customer care service in Service Bazaar?

Yes, we have a prompt customer care service and you can contact us at

When should I get a camera with a low aperture?

You will need a camera with a low aperture if you want to do photography in lowlight conditions. But if you are going for a daylight shoot, you should never prefer cameras with low apertures.

What is the price of a 50 mm prime lens?

A good quality 50 mm prime lens will cost you around 8, 000 INR to 12, 000 INR.

Which lens is mostly used for street photography?

Most professionals prefer using a 35mm prime lens for street photography.