Paint Your Home like a Pro—Get the Best House Painting Tips Ever

Don’t you want to paint your home like a pro? If yes, have a look at the following material. This mini-guide elaborates on a few but the best tips for effective painting. Suppose you have recently painted the inside of your home. You did so a few months ago. But now, you see your paint starting to peel again. The paint you put on the wall has started to spoil again.

And pondering over the matter, you come to the cause of this destruction. You realise that you painted those walls in the rainy season. And thus, the paint didn’t stick to the wall properly because of humidity. In that case, would you feel happy or sad or what is your emotion? Probably, you would regret the choice you made regarding the selection of days for painting. So, to avoid such mistakes, ensure that you go through this blog first. It will help you plan a better house painting experience. And, you will paint your home like a pro. So, let’s get started. 

Don’t Start Your Painting Project in Odd Seasons

Do you know the following fact? Our dearest nature embellishes our world around with the decorations of four seasons. These seasons follow one by one in a fixed way of succession. In Hindi, these are called “Rituein”. In the English language, you have four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. No, no, it is not a Geography class being held. Everything is relevant.

Summer, fall, and spring—all these are the best seasons for painting your house. And winter and rainy seasons are not. Winter and rain both are not conducive to painting your home. Everything gets wet and it will ruin everything. So, these seasons are termed odd seasons. Consequently, always start your painting-related home decoration projects in a dry and less-humid season. Such seasons can be termed even seasons; summer is one of the best dry seasons. In reality, it is the only season that is scorching hot. So, you can think of it as the most conducive time for a home painting project.

Some Extra Advice: if your home requires a lot of work, hire a professional house painter. Don’t waste time and money. Don’t start anything that you cannot finish. Your house may be big. So, give it some thought. Hiring a professional service provider comes with its own benefits. However, it may be an expensive option to consider.                

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Carry Out Pre-Painting Inspections

Suppose your house hasn’t been painted for several years. And, you go out into the marketplace and buy stuff as per your guesswork without inspecting your house in advance. When you begin to paint, you see that your house walls require more work than the mere application of primer and paint. Go even further, let’s assume that it is the case of moisture and puffiness. And you don’t pay attention to the same. You just bring the primer and paint and show your creativity on the wall. However, to your dismay, your creativity gets ruined within days. All of these things happen when you don’t carry out pre-painting inspections. So, don’t forget about this piece of wisdom.

When you need to paint your entire house, go through the following process. Don’t think of purchasing anything first. Your first thing must be as follows. Have a look at all the walls properly. You see something wrong, i.e. puffiness, flakiness or such things. Give it a hand touch. Feel if the surface has depressions or other flaws. Doing all of that is crucial. It will decide your course further. Suppose during such inspection you find cracks. In that case, now, you know that there is a requirement for white cement. You cannot fill up cracks with anything better than white cement. Hence, in short, don’t forget to inspect.      

Beware! Suppose you feel incompetent to check your walls yourself. In that case, it is the best option that you seek an expert’s advice.    

Don’t Forget to Purchase High-Quality Supplies

Do you want to spoil everything? If not, ensure you buy high-quality materials. When we talk about painting, the following matter assumes utmost importance. Listen carefully. There are two types of materials or home-painting supplies you need. Have a look at the classification: Chemical Substances and Tools for painting.

First of all, for a pro feel, buy quality supplies. Your painting colours, liquids, and primer—all chemical substances—must be of standard quality. Don’t buy sub-standard quality painting chemicals. Using cheap things is nothing but a waste of everything.  Cheap quality painting-related chemicals don’t last for a reasonable time. They will just last for a very short period of time. It may even get out of the surface within two or three days. So, stick to the words of wisdom. Not just chemicals, but make sure you also buy premium tools for painting. It is of no use to use bad painting tools with quality paints. Your brushes, paint rollers, and all must be of good quality as well.

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However, here also you need to be careful. In the market, many brands are not real. Suppose you go to the market. And observe products from different-different big brands. You make your purchase and feel satisfied. This satisfaction emanates from the fact that all the supplies you buy are branded. Yet, on reaching home, everything gets upside down. You have bought counterfeit products. Now, cry with your hands over your face because there is no return policy.                  

Know about Rollers and Their Naps with Wall Textures in Advance

Everyone knows what rollers are. We are talking about paint rollers. They are the best tools for spreading paint all over the preferred area. In technical language, it is a paint application tool. For flat surfaces, you can use these paint rollers. But, you cannot use them for wall textures like spikes or other walls having a lot of sharp depressions. Paint rollers can only be used on flat or plain surfaces. If your walls are plain without any sharp textures, a paint roller is the best painting tool for you. It will help you paint effectively and efficiently. Here, effectively refers to the condition where your paint will evenly spread over the surface. And efficiently means it will take less time than usual.

This is some information about the best tool for paint application: a paint roller. Now, let’s discuss something about wall textures and naps. The nap is nothing but the thickness of the roller cover. It is important to buy a roller of the right thickness or nap. Inappropriate naps give unwanted results after painting. So, don’t buy a paint roller that doesn’t suit your nap-related requirements. For example, suppose your wall contains a lot of designs and sharp depressions. In that case, you just need to buy a paint roller that has a thick nap. Here, thinness cannot help you or painting will be ineffective.     

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Don’t Pressurise Your Paint Roller!

Many people press their rollers a bit too much. This practice even sometimes causes the break of the roller frame. It is not the right thing to do. Today’s rollers have also become smart and effective. So, for better performance, you don’t need to press it too hard. Just hold it in your hand and glide the roller over the surface. And that is it.             

Ensure Unwanted Spots are Covered Well

Home painting doesn’t mean the spread of paints all over your residential property.  Instead, it only means the painting of wanted spots like walls, ceilings, etc. You don’t want to paint your window glasses, your floor, and furniture items. Do you? Everything that you don’t expect to get painted during the painting session is unwanted stuff. So, make sure these unwanted spots or regions of your house are well-covered. It is important that you use materials of different sorts and cover all the unwanted spots. This step is crucial before starting painting.

This step will save time and money. If you don’t cover such areas, later on, you will have to wash the same. That will consume your precious time. Furthermore, paint stains don’t go away just with a few splashes of water. You will have to spend money on paint-stain removers as well. To cover unwanted spots, you can buy dust sheets. Put these sheets over anything. It will prevent paint stains from sticking to the covered spot.         

Let’s Summarise

Painting your home all by yourself is a bit challenging. But, don’t feel sad. You can do it. It is not impossible. You just need to put in a bit of too much hard work. Consider the following tips in short for the best home-painting experience. All of these pieces of advice are discussed in the blog above at length.

  • Paint your home when it is not humid. From this perspective, Summar is the best season for your home-painting project.
  • Have a look at the entire house before painting. This examination is crucial for the detection of all sorts of faults needed to be dealt with. For example, you have cracks, crevices, puffiness and other such things. 
  • Only purchase high-quality supplies.
  • Choose your paint roller carefully. While purchasing, ensure the right nap size.
  • During the painting, don’t pressurise your roller too much. Use it delicately. No pressure is needed.
  • Before starting to paint, make sure everything—you don’t want to get stained by paints—is covered well. You can use dust sheets for this purpose.   

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