The Ultimate Checklist of Things to Do When Moving into a New House

House shifting is an exciting event but packing and moving the items can be chaotic, especially when you have not hired professional packers and movers. From the beginning to the end of the house-shifting process, you need to invest your time, energy, and means. But, your responsibility doesn’t end with movers delivering the goods to your new doorstep. There are several things to do after moving into a new house.

In this blog, we will discuss the important things that you should do after moving into your new house. As there are several things to do, you must have a checklist to go according to your plan. Also, you will not forget anything important. So, here’s the checklist for after your move.

Getting Settled in Your New Home: A Checklist

Clean before you unpack

Cleaning the house before arranging your stuff in the new house is important because then you won’t be able to do that efficiently. The corners will be blocked with beds and other furniture pieces. Either do it yourself or hire professional cleaners for the task, but ensure the house is thoroughly cleaned, especially the bathroom and kitchen.

Arrange your furniture

As you have several boxes to open and arrange the items it could be very confusing where to start. Also, it is not advised to unbox everything together as it will create a mess. So,  start with arranging your furniture first. The best of home shifting is that you get the chance to start over again. You can have new floor plans to design your living space. Reassemble the dismantled furniture pieces and arrange them in your new house after cleaning the house.

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Start unpacking

Once you are done with arranging the large furniture pieces, you can start unpacking your other stuff. Settling the furniture first has many advantages. When tired just relax on the couch or bed. Every furniture piece is already in its place, so you can take your time to arrange other household items in the new house. And, because arranging the goods is not easy, ensure you have a proper plan for it. Decide what is important and open the boxes according to that. The least used items should be unpacked at last.

Take an inventory of the items while unpacking

One of the most common things that are often overlooked by people during unpacking is taking inventory. You want to make sure that your goods have made it to your new house. But, there are chances things will go missing or damaged. So, check the goods and see if everything has reached the place safely.

Change the locks

Safety and security should be your priority, especially if you have moved to an entirely new city. You would never like to enter someone else into your new home. If it’s a rented property, the chances are pretty higher the ex-renter of the room has its keys. So, it is important to get the main door’s lock changed.

Get a security system installed

As you have moved to a new neighborhood, it is important to have a security system in your house. It will give you peace of mind. So, get security installed in your house.

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Check the smoke alarm

Another safety tip is to check if the smoke alarms in the house work properly. Check the batteries, and if needed replace them. Or, if it is not working, then change the entire unit.

Set up connectivity

Even if you have your phone, you won’t feel entertained if there’s no wifi connectivity or television. Everything has its own importance, and to make your new house feel like home, get your phone, internet, and cable connectivity done. Most companies offer to transfer the existing connection. And if not then search for a new service provider and install internet or cable.

Claim for insurance

If you have purchased moving insurance then claim insurance for the damaged or missing goods. Usually, you will get 1 month to claim for insurance, because after that most movers do not acknowledge the damage claim. Hence, do it as soon as possible.

Tell your movers

If you face problems while shipping your goods with movers then you should talk to them. Movers will try to resolve the problem by compensating for the damaged goods or any delay in the shipment delivery. And, if you don’t get any response from your movers, then you can lodge a formal complaint against them.

Meet your neighbors

Finally, when you have settled everything in your new house, go and meet your neighbors. They are the ones who are gonna help you get connected and feel a part of the community. In other terms also they will be beneficial to you. You can locate good schools, restaurants, shopping malls, beauty salons, etc. with their assistance. You can start your conversation with your neighbors by: – waving and smiling, sending gifts, cookies, baked items, etc. Remember one thing, you can make friends with your neighbors only when you are a good neighbor.

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The Bottom Line

Once you have made the physical move to your new house or apartment with professional packers and movers, there are several things that you are bound to do. Of course, this can be confusing, so begin with your checklist that we have just discussed above. These are the important things to do after you have moved into a new house. With its help, you will finish all the important tasks to do after your move.

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