Bhumi Pujan Muhurat 2024: Auspicious Dates for House Construction

The Bhumi Pujan (the auspicious ceremony to lay the foundation stone) of your dream home is just around the corner. But you’re far from ready. You have a dream house, but no dream location. You have the money for the house, but you’re short on time. How do you make sure your Bhumi Pujan Muhurat is auspicious? No worries!

What are the best muhurats for house construction or Bhumi Pujan? 

The best Bhumi Pujan Muhurat is the most auspicious time for every construction work. It is an extremely special time of the year when the planets are aligned in an optimal way to bring auspiciousness and success to house construction projects. 

In other words, Griha Nirman Muhurat is an important part of the construction process. It’s a period that’s marked by auspicious activities, such as the chanting of the mantras, the lighting of lamps, and Vastu Puja. The most important part of the house construction muhurat is the commencement of work on the construction site—Bhumi Pujan Muhurat. This is why it is a good idea to start your constitution project during the auspicious muhurats favourable for house construction.

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Why do we worship Bhumi?

Bhumi is another name for the Earth. We all worship the Earth as a mother because of several good reasons. It is the controller of the entire world and gives us a lot of things without expecting anything in return. Roads, lakes, rivers, mountains, forests, homes, and other living and non-living things all have their existence because of the Earth. We have water to drink, shelter to live in, food to eat, and air to breathe just because of the Earth. We cannot expect our existence if there would not the Earth. That’s why we all must treat mother Earth with the highest respect and care as well. 

Bhumi Pujan or Neev Pujan for New House Construction

Bhumi Pujan or Neev Pujan is a Hindu ritual that is performed on the occasion of the commencement of any construction work. In this special Puja, we worship to please and pay respect to the Goddess Bhumi. In this Puja, we also worship the God Vastu Purusha—the deity of directions.

According to popular beliefs, performing Bhumi Puja or Neev Puja in an auspicious muhurat wards off all negative vibes and doshas (demerits) or any faults of that piece of Bhumi. If you do not perform Neev or Bhumi Pujan in an auspicious muhurat, you may encounter many obstacles. So, consider performing Bhumi Puja in Shubh Muhurat. 

Auspicious Bhumi Pujan Muhurat for Nav Griha Nirman 2024

Auspicious Bhumi Pujan Dates in January 2024

03 January 2024Wednesday07:12 AM – 02:46 AM (04th Jan)

Bhumi Pujan Muhurat Dates in February 2024

12 February 2024Monday02:56 AM – 05:44 AM
14 February 2024Wednesday07:08 AM – 10:43 AM (15th Feb)
19 February 2024Monday07:05 AM – 10:33 AM
26 February 2024Monday07:00 AM – 04:31 AM (27th Feb)
28 February 2024Wednesday04:18 AM – 06:58 AM (29th Feb)
29 February 2024Thursday06:58 AM – 10:22 AM

Nav Griha Nirman Muhurat Dates in March 2024

02 March 2024Saturday02:42 PM – 06:56 AM (03rd March)
06 March 2024Wednesday02:52 PM – 04:13 AM (07th March)
11 March 2024Monday10:44 AM – 06:49 AM (12th March)
15 March 2024Friday10:09 PM – 06:46 AM (16th March)
16 March 2024Saturday06:46 AM – 09:38 PM
27 March 2024Wednesday06:36 AM – 04:16 PM
29 March 2024Friday08:36 PM – 06:34 AM
30 March 2024Saturday06:34 AM – 09:13 PM

Shubh Muhurat for Bhumi Pujan in April 2024

03 April 2024Wednesday06:29 PM – 09:47 PM

Bhumi Pujan Muhurat for House Construction in May & June 2024

There are no auspicious dates available for Bhumi Pujan and House Construction in May and June 2024

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Neev Pujan/Griha Nirman Muhurat Dates in July 2024

17 July 2024Wednesday07:33 AM – 08:25 AM

Dates for Bhumi Pujan in August 2024

There are no auspicious dates available for Bhumi Pujan and House Construction in August 2024

Best Dates/Muhurat for Bhumi Pujan in September 2024

14 September 2024Saturday07:15 AM – 09:07 AM

Griha Nirman or Bhumi Pujan Muhurat Dates in October 2024

14 October 2024Monday07:11 AM – 09:28 AM
17 October 2024Thursday07:18 AM – 11:35 AM

Best Dates for Bhumi Pujan in November 2024

02 November 2024Saturday05:58 AM – 06:50 AM
04 November 2024Monday06:40 AM – 08:04 AM
07 November 2024Thursday12:34 AM – 06:42 AM
08 November 2024Friday06:42 AM – 12:03PM
13 November 2024Wednesday01:01 PM – 03:11 PM
16 November 2024Saturday07:28 PM – 06:47 AM (17 Nov)
18 November 2024Monday06:48 AM – 03:49 PM
25 November 2024Monday06:52 AM – 01:24 AM (26 Nov)

Neev Pujan or Bhumi Pujan Muhurat in December 2024

05 December 2024Thursday12:49 PM – 05:26 PM
11 December 2024Wednesday07:02 AM – 11:48 AM
21 December 2024Saturday06:14 AM – 07:08 AM
25 December 2024Wednesday07:09 AM – 03:22 PM

Bhumi Pujan Muhurat FAQs

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