Think Outside the Box! 12 Best Ideas to Renovate Your Bedroom

When you are considering renovating your bedroom, it can leave you perplexed. We all want our personal space to be special. The bedroom is the most personal space in our house. This is our place of escape when we feel anxious. Again, it is the bedroom where our bodies get the adequate rest they have earned after a tiring day. So, when we try to redo our bedroom, we want it to stand out in terms of design and functionality. This urge to stand out makes us more confused about what we want for real. But after you read this article, you will feel sorted. Here are the 12 most creative ideas to help you renovate your bedroom:

1. Choose a theme

As we already discussed, a bedroom is the most personal corner in the entire house. This is why you should understand one simple thing; your bedroom should reflect your personality. It doesn’t matter whether you went through endless pages of interior designing magazines or web blogs, your bedroom should speak about your character. So, figure out your personality and make that the theme of your bedroom. If you have a Bohemian personality, you can choose it as a theme for the bedroom. If you are a fan of rock concerts, you can make it a theme as well. In case you are unable to figure out how you want the room to look in the long run, opt for an eclectic theme.

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The strategy to clear out your confusion in choosing a theme can be a bit detailed but it will render precise results. You need to create a mood board for your bedroom. If you are sharing your bedroom with your spouse, incorporate their ideas too. Think of the things, designs, colours, and textures and create a mood board together. They can be anything from nature, a fashion magazine, or a fabric lying next to you. If you can visualize what you like, you will be able to figure out the theme as well.

2. Compose a colour palette

As you create the mood board, you will be able to pick the colours you like the best. If your spouse likes colours that are completely different from your taste, try working out with a palette that you both agree upon. If your bedroom is huge, you have ample scope of adding multiple colour palettes to your personal space. You can also choose the opposite colours from the colour wheel to create the perfect contrast. However, stick to the same tones in warm, cool, or pastel while composing your palette.

3. Pay heed to the natural lighting

Natural lighting plays an important role in determining the look and feel of your bedroom. Check the directions of the natural light and then determine the colours of the bedroom. Natural light can make or break the entire look of the bedroom during the daytime. Be careful not to choose a bright colour like yellow or orange on the wall where the natural light transpires.

4. Check for ventilation

It is a significant factor when you are renovating your bedroom. You should make sure that your bedroom is well-ventilated. If there was not ample outlet for ventilation, you should consider constructing such provisions by hiring masons. If your bedroom has an air-conditioner, it is still important to get windows to allow fresh air inside. Furthermore, if you have a washroom attached to your bedroom, there should be an exhaust fan too. In case you are staying in a metropolis with high AQI, install an air purifier.

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5. Put up an impressive headboard

Every bedroom is designed differently but there is one common thing they all have; it’s a bed. Make the bed the centre of attraction by putting up an impressive headboard. A headboard protects the bed from shoving into the wall and it enhances the aesthetics of your bedroom in a blink of an eye. The headboard can be made of leather, velvet, or some other stiff fabric with or without a framework. Make sure that the headboard compliments the theme and colours of the bedroom.

6. Curate walls with relevant artwork

Another way to elevate the look of your bedroom is to curate them with artwork. If you have a statement piece of artwork, you can use the same colours from the painting as the palette for your wall colours.

7. Expend on good lighting

Lighting plays an important role in revamping your personal space. You can instantly add a royal touch to your bedroom by installing a chandelier on the ceiling above the bed. Again, you can keep it stylish by installing false ceilings with dimmed lights. You can also add reading lights on both sides of the headboard if you like to read before you sleep.

8. Invest in holders and fixtures

There will be holders for the light and fixtures on the walls to keep your books, knick-knacks, and cosmetics. Make sure that the designs of these holders and fixtures match the theme and colour palette of the bedroom.

9. Get functional furniture

When you get furniture for your renovated bedroom, you should opt for functional ones. Don’t overcrowd the floor with too many pieces of furniture. Go for floating shelves, mounted nightstands, covered panels and closets, and foldable dressers. These will enable you to accommodate all your personal belongings in a neat and organised way. Your bedroom will be clutter-free. Make sure that all the furniture pieces are of the same shade of wood.

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10. Weave magic with mirrors

Mirrors can add a magical touch to your bedroom. You need to install full-length mirrors in your bedroom and create an illusion of double space. You can also frame them like artwork or hang them in clusters to add an expensive touch to the bedroom. If you go by the rules of Vastu Shastra, you should not hang the mirrors in the West or the South and they should not face your bed. So, be careful about the placement of the mirrors in the bedroom.

11. Create a reading corner

Create a cosy reading corner in the bedroom. Keep your favourite novels on the nightstand. And keep a settee near a window with a hanging lampshade so that you can indulge in reading during the day and at night.

12. Use plants

Plants are capable of adding soul to your bedroom in the true sense. Some indoor plants help steer clear of toxins and purify the air. Areca palm, Aglaonema, Sansevieria, Dieffenbachia, Pothos, and Syngonium are some of the air-purifying plants that you can incorporate into your bedroom. 


When you plan to renovate your bedroom, you have to plan the entire concept. Be considerate about the choices of your partner as it is important to stay on the same page on such mutual grounds. Follow the above-mentioned 12 most creative ideas to help you renovate your bedroom and enjoy your personal space. Wishing you good luck!

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