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Bird Control Services

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Hire Bird Control Services near You through Service Bazaar

Birds may seem like the most elegant living beings on earth. They flutter their wings and fly giving us a feeling as if they are angels. Maybe that is the reason we relate pigeons as symbols of peace. But in reality, they are some of the biggest troublemakers instead of peacemakers. Birds are a serious threat to life and property in both rural and urban regions of the country. In rural areas, they cause a lot of damage to the agricultural fields and orchards. In the cities, they invade the residences and build nests in the gardens, ventilators, and outdoor AC units. They poop on the plants, railings, balconies, and steps causing a nuisance in the houses and spreading some critical diseases.

Pigeons, sparrows, and grey partridges are some of the birds that are categorised as pests. In particular, the blue rock pigeon and the house sparrow are some of the most troublesome species of birds that cause severe diseases like encephalitis, Histoplasmosis, and Ornithosis. The pest birds transmit the diseases through their droppings, and they also carry pathogens, fleas, tapeworms, roundworms, protozoa, trichomonads, and mites on their bodies. Therefore, you are at constant risk of getting inflicted by numerous diseases when you are in contact with these pest birds.

The best way to keep these pest birds at bay is by putting up polyethene bird nets to guard the open spaces. But you need the experts to help you choose the best bird netting services near you. Service Bazaar can help you in this regard.

Why you should hire bird control services through Service Bazaar

Service Bazaar is an extensive online platform that has the most outstanding service providers partnered with us to cater to your needs from all over the nation. You can book us from any of the prominent cities of India and get residential pest control services and commercial pest control services. The service providers from Service Bazaar are pre-verified as we cross-check their credentials before making them a part of our family. When you search for the best bird netting services from Service Bazaar, we send you the verified details of the 3 most efficient bird pest management service providers.  These service providers are located near your area and are at par with your budget. You need to compare their prices and you can save up to 30%.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best bird net to keep the birds away from my house?

Blue-bird net made of polyethene is the best one to keep away the pest birds from your house.

What is the cost of booking pest control services for removing birds from a 4BHK flat through Service Bazaar?

The cost of booking pest control services for removing birds from a 4 BHK flat through Service Bazaar is 4,000 INR.

Are parakeets also pests?

Yes, the ring-neck parakeet, often brought as a pet is a pest. It damages grains, seeds, fruits, and stored food items.

What other measures can I use for bird pest management apart from bird netting?

You can use visual methods to scare the birds away by introducing birds of prey, scarecrows, flags, or shiny objects like mirrors and CDs. You can also use multi-sensory deterrents, sonic deterrents, and chemical repellents as a bird pest management measure.