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Beehive Removal Services

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Hire Beehive Removal & Beed Control Services

While ideating about the pests, we certainly do not visualise a bee at first instance. We have been fascinated by their bright yellow and black stripes and their constant buzzing sound from our childhood. It is difficult to accept these honey makers as pests. But the truth is that bees are pests because they cause annoyance to the beekeepers and bite and sting humans when they feel threatened. Their bites and stings are painful. If one tries to disrupt their beehive, they attack them with multiple stings and bites paralyzing the person.

Bees transmit viruses and bacteria like salmonella, shigella, Sacbrood virus, deformed wing virus, etc. The bees do not directly transfer diseases to humans. The infected bees mingle with the healthy bees, and they sit on the uncovered food items contaminating the food. If humans ingest contaminated food, they get food poisoning or dysentery. Bees play a major role in the ecosystem as they contribute to pollination. But you cannot ignore their pestering activities and hence you need to devise beehive removal and bee control services from a trusted source. You need experienced pest control technicians with professional beehive removal kits to help you in such times. Service bazaar can help you find such bee control experts.

Why you should hire beehive removal & bee control services through Service Bazaar

Service Bazaar is a proactive online platform that acts as a bridge between our clients and our top-notch vendors. Our vendors are the most remarkable service providers from several domains located in all the major cities of India. You can book our services by logging in to our portal and filling up the enquiry form on the homepage or by sending us an email. We check the credentials of our vendors before finalising them. So, you can be assured of authentic services from our side. When you enquire about the pest control services for beehive removal or bee control in your backyard, we send you the details of the 3 best pest control companies in your vicinity. You need to compare the charges of the 3 pest management companies and save up to 30%.


Frequently Asked Questions

What smell do Bees hate?

Bees hate the smell of lavender, citronella, olive oil, eucalyptus, mint, garlic, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, smoke, and citrus fragrances.

What is the cost of booking pest control services for bee removal from a 1 BHK house through Service Bazaar?

The cost of booking pest control services for bee removal from a 1BHK house through Service Bazaar is 1,000 INR.

How to escape bees if they chase you?

Run and take shelter in a covered area. If there is no closed space, run through bushes and higher land levels. Do not swat at the bees as they get mad when you swat them. Do not jump into a water body to hide as they wait outside until you come out of the water.

Can perfumes help in driving away the bees?

No, perfumes attract bees more. Anything that smells sweet and floral like rose, jasmine, chamomile, soap, shampoo, talcum powder, deodorant, body oil, body mist, etc. attracts bees more toward you.