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Beauty Parlours in Noida

Choose from the list of the best beauty parlours in Noida near you at Service Bazaar and save up to 30% on beauty parlour services in Noida by comparing quotes.

Find the Best Beauty Parlours Near You in Noida

Beauty is undoubtedly an important part of today’s lifestyle. This boosts a person’s confidence level. But in today’s busy lifestyle, people don’t get time to do proper hair and beauty care. And this is the time when you should reach the best beauty parlours in Noida. Service Bazaar brings the best beauty parlours in Noida to your doorstep. Whether you want to visit the salon or get them at your home, you can do both without any hassles.

Professional beauty experts in Noida help you achieve flawless skin with beautiful hair by providing the best skin and hair care treatment. Also, they help you by providing all the beauty parlour services at your doorstep. If you are tired or have no time to visit the salon, then book your appointment with the best beauty parlours in Noida for home beauty services. The salons and spas associated with Service Bazaar are certified and pre-verified by us. So, you can stay relaxed while selecting any of our partners.

If you want to know how much beauty parlour services at home in Noida will cost you, then fill up an inquiry form and get free estimates from the top three verified beauty salons in Noida. This will help you know how much they charge and which one suits your budget.

Why You Need the Best Beauty Parlour Services in Noida

If you want to get some “me time” from your busy schedule to get pampered by professionals, then you need beauty parlour services in Noida. Although availing of hair and beauty treatment is very much pleasing and satisfying yet visiting the salon for some people is tiring and exhausting. If you are one of them, then do not worry and simply call us. Service Bazaar has brought all the best beauty parlours in Noida to your doorstep. You can book an appointment with the best beautician near you in Noida.

Beauty parlours, salons, and spas are the places where you find experts who are professionally trained in hair and beauty treatments. They have got their degrees and training from reputed academies and institutes. They provide countless benefits for the wellness and health of a person. With their beauty treatments, you will get glowing and healthy skin. The services beauticians provide can never be achieved by a person at his home. This is why the services of expert beauticians at beauty parlours are preferred by everyone.

Here list of the services you will get from qualified beauty experts in Noida: -

  • Hair cut
  • Facial
  • Body waxing
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Threading
  • Hair colouring
  • Hair smoothing
  • Hair straightening
  • Head massage
  • Trimming
  • Nail art
  • Hair spa

The best advantage of professional beauty parlour services in Noida is that beauticians are experts who can easily identify problems and issues related to your skin. You may be unaware of the issues your skin has, but the professionals will not. And, they will let you know the remedies too. So, book an appointment for hair and beauty treatment from the best beauty parlour in Noida through Service Bazaar.

Fix An Appointment with the Top Beauty Parlours in Noida

To book an appointment with one of the top beauty parlours in Noida, contact Service Bazaar. Either you can directly contact a salon from the listing or you can contact us to get their estimates free of cost. Yes, Service Bazaar provides free quotes from the top three verified beauty salons and spas in Noida relevant to your requirement. Compare beauty parlour charges in Noida for home services and book your appointment with the one that suits your budget.

You can also read our valuable customers’ reviews on the portal to know which beauty parlour in Noida is the best. Check their ratings and compare rates to select the best one. Schedule your appointment over the phone and wait for the beauticians to visit your home.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a beauty parlour at home in Noida with Service Bazaar?

Just fill out an inquiry form and get estimates from the top three best beauty parlours in Noida to compare their rates and choose the one that suits your budget. Or, browse the website and fix your appointment with any beauty parlour in Noida.

Can I make an online payment?

Yes, sure! Every type of payment method like UPI, Cash, Net Banking, Paytm, etc. is accepted by beauty parlours and artists in Noida.

What beauty parlour services will I get at home?

Almost every beauty parlour service that you get at a salon, you can get at home too. Just inform your beauty expert about the services you need. You can also buy a package or customize a beauty service package according to your needs and get them at your home.

Can I customize a beauty package offered by beauty salons in Noida?

Yes, sure! Professional beauty salons in Noida offer customized beauty packages to their clients. If you want to add or remove any service from the existing package, then you can do the same. But, remember, this can affect the charges of the package.

Do I have to make an advance payment to the beauty parlours near me in Noida?

It may not be necessary, but some beauty parlours in Noida ask for the same. However, this wouldn’t cost you much. Only 20-30% of the bill is to be paid in advance to book your appointment.

I want to partner with Service Bazaar for beauty parlour services in Noida. What’s the procedure?

You can partner with Service Bazaar in just a few simple steps. Call us on our toll-free number 1800 11 6878 or send your requirements to us at Our customer executive will get in touch with you as soon as possible with the proposal.