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Poonam Cares Pest Control

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About Company

At Poonamcares, we deploy cutting-edge treatment methods to eliminate termites and their colonies. Our approach involves the use of drilling and chemical injection techniques, ensuring optimal results. By injecting chemicals into precisely drilled holes, we create a chemical barrier that effectively terminates termites during their movement. These holes are expertly placed at a 45-degree angle and positioned one foot apart, providing comprehensive coverage. The process includes filling the holes with chemicals and sealing them with chalk and white cement.


  • Effective and Hassle-Free: We provide a highly effective and hassle-free treatment, guaranteeing the eradication of termites and their colonies.
  • Furniture Protection: Our treatment not only eliminates termites but also safeguards your furniture from future infestations, ensuring lasting protection.

Trust Poonamcares for a thorough and safe termite eradication solution that not only eliminates existing termites but also shields your furniture from potential future attacks.


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